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The Evolution of Star Trek

50 Years And Beyond The original Star Trek series is fifty years old! The series portrayed images of space exploration, starships, phasers, and Vulcans. Created by Gene Roddenberry in the 60’s, this series set a precedent for being the first show to have two pilot episodes filmed. The network executives loved the concept of the show, […]

Women We Love – Sinful Elegance

The fine line a woman might walk between classy or elegant versus sexy is mainly in the eye of the beholder. The rules vary, as well as the judges. Here at Urbasm, we’ve dubbed this ‘Sinful Elegance‘. We believe women  should embrace it, if it makes them feel good. We also believe it shouldn’t be just […]

Dating Tips From Women Out Of Your League

Dating a swimsuit model should be on every man’s bucket list. This is because it is not only good for your mojo, it is good for your soul, confidence, and she will become an arm accessory unrivaled by even the most exotic wrist watch. Okay, that sounds like a great idea, you might be saying […]

The Roundup – 100 Skills Every Man Should Know

What are the tools that every man needs in order to be noticed, admired, celebrated, and of course, rewarded? And as we pondered this question we began to realize that the only “tools” any man really needs are the ones he’s forged within his own mind. Forged by blood, sweat, education, shared thought, and experimentation. These […]

Best of the 80’s – Louis Vuitton Portable Whiskey Bar

The 80’s was a time of bad music, puffy hair, and blind fashion – but they had great whiskey. This Louis Vuitton Portable Whiskey Bar reminds us of that. This one practically comes straight out of a time machine in brand new condition. That said, you might as well build your own machine and travel back […]

Women We Love – Abigail Ratchford videos

When we asked ourselves ‘what Abigail Ratchford videos are out there’ we knew it required investigating. Some call her the Queen of Curves, and we have to agree. Abigail Ratchford is one beauty you won’t forget. But back to the videos. We started looking for Abigail Ratchford videos and there’s so many. Lots promising topless, nude and similar, but […]

Inside Story Behind the Chuck Norris Music Video by Laura Michelle

Chuck Norris has a hot new video on YouTube. And no, it does not star Bruce Lee or Donald Trump… but rather, singer-songwriter Laura Michelle. Laura does a brilliant job of reenacting her life’s story in just under 4-minutes in this new music video that guest stars Chuck Norris, a pink toilet and a burning […]

Portable Weight Loss – Wearable Tech Thin Ice Therapy Vest

We’ve read a lot about the theory of ice therapy and fat stores, and how it can supercharge your weight loss without even adding aerobics to your morning ritual. But when we heard about a vest that offers the same benefits, yet could be taken on the go – we wanted to find out more. […]

Women We Love – Queen of the Hand Bra

There’s something about the hand bra that leaves some guys speechless, and in our quest for the queen of the hand bra, we fell victim as well. It wasn’t easy, but our Queen of the Hand Bra goes to Abigail Ratchford. She certainly earns the title, and had lots of strong competition that made it a tough choice […]

13 Awesome Urban Commutes and Pursuits

Even when a man’s feet are planted firmly on the ground, there is only so far they can carry you. A man needs a set of quality wheels to really get places in life, and bigger is not always better when you’re talking about an urban commute. Here are thireteen awesome suggestions: Halfbike How could someone […]