Women We Love – Queen of the Hand Bra

There’s something about the hand bra that leaves some guys speechless, and in our quest for the queen of the hand bra, we fell victim as well. It wasn’t easy, but our Queen of the Hand Bra goes to Abigail Ratchford. She certainly earns the title, and had lots of strong competition that made it a tough choice […]

The Rise of the Hand Bra

More art than science; the hand bra has swept the nation, especially since the increased use by celebrities and the proliferation of the selfie. An exceptional hand bra is an art unto itself, that involves both science and creativity, with points for style. Here we see miss Ashley Alexiss demonstrating a hand bra, with extra points awarded on […]

Women Tribute – The Return of the HandBra

Yeah, we’ve featured the hand bra in the past. However, unlike most crappy sequels, including Police Academy, The Exorcist, The Fly, Wall Street, and the Return to the Blue Lagoon, we’ve really put a lot of thought into this one. We considered why the double hand bra was such a hit? Then we pondered what would happen if […]

The Art of the Hand Bra

Victoria Secret has been making a killing on women, charging upwards of $10 to $50, just for a single boulder holder. We’re glad to see that some women are fed up with these prices, and have taken to substituting with a hand bra. *Precautionary Disclaimer: As responsible adults here at Urbasm, we ask that all women refrain from […]