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We’ve read a lot about the theory of ice therapy and fat stores, and how it can supercharge your weight loss without even adding aerobics to your morning ritual. But when we heard about a vest that offers the same benefits, yet could be taken on the go – we wanted to find out more. So we asked the founder and CEO, Mr. Adam Paulin.

Urbasm: Hi Adam, let’s make sure we understand this technology. Ice therapy works by forcing the body’s brown fat cells to help the body fight to stay warm, and during that effort, more calories are burned – is that correct?


Adam Paulin: You are explaining the process quite well. Brown adipose tissue assists in regulating body temperature by burning calories to produce heat (thermogenesis). We stimulate the tissue using cold temperatures targeting the body’s sensory tissue.

Urbasm: And we’ve read that a person can lose up to 1,000 calories per day doing this?

Adam Paulin: Depending on the duration of usage, we do anticipate that level of calorie burning, yes.

Urbasm: We’ve read that there are other advantages to ice therapy, such as in tightening saggy skin?

Adam Paulin: Cold temperature thermogenesis has some interested speculative benefits emerging in the scientific literature including positive effects on gut flora and increasing athletic performance as well as other unexpected and exciting benefits. These are new areas of research though and require further validation. There are benefits to applying cold temperatures to skin as well but, since our devices are focused on the torso, most people will not likely use it for saggy skin.

Urbasm: That makes sense. Are there any other potential advantages that are showing promise?

Adam Paulin: The most obvious and practical “secondary” benefit is keeping people cool which has drawn interest from police forces and army representatives.

Urbasm: Yeah, that would come in handy during a top secret mission. Are there parts of the body that respond better to ice therapy? If your vest suggests anything, we’d say that the ‘core’ must have the most effect for triggering fat loss.

Adam Paulin: Yes, the parts of the body that contain the highest concentrations of thermoreceptors are the focus of our technology. This is because they most efficiently stimulate the hypothalamus which, in turn, stimulates the brown adipose tissue. The upper chest and upper back are particularly sensitive which is where our vest focuses.

Urbasm: Are there certain types of people that will respond better than others?

Adam Paulin: Research on brown adipose tissue suggests that younger, leaner individuals have more brown adipose tissue per volume than older ones with more fat. That being said there is also evidence that brown adipose tissue proliferates over time in response to environmental factors. So, over time, people’s bodies will adjust in response to the effects of the technology.

Urbasm: And this is not your first effort, we know, so tell us a bit about the research and technology that has gone into the new Thin Ice 2.0?

Vest - Brown Fat 2

Adam Paulin: The 2.0 version is bringing together research from a large University where we have ongoing studies and our own product development team. We use electronically powered cooling technology, rechargeable lithium ion batteries, Bluetooth wireless connectivity and a variety of innovative materials.

Thin Ice - App and Human

Urbasm: That sounds like wearable tech at its finest. Of all the wearable tech devices available today, which ones help the body the most?

Adam Paulin: All the current wearable technology that focuses on metrics are extremely valuable in keeping our lives balanced and maintaining our awareness of our health. That being said, I think the truly groundbreaking wearable technology is still emerging and will actually focus on changing the body actively instead of simply telling us how to change our behaviors. Thin Ice attempts to do this.

Urbasm: And from your research and experience, what would you say are the three most important things that every guy should know about ramping up his fat loss using this ice therapy?

Adam Paulin: One, the more mindless the better: there is emerging research that demonstrates that unconscious forms of weight-loss such as fidgeting and walking are most are easiest to maintain. Try to use temperatures that you can forget about after adapting to them. Two, consistency is key: Use it regularly so you can adapt to it and sustain colder and colder temperatures comfortably. Three, be social: Ice therapy is not a mainstream weight loss technique yet, but could be. To keep it top of mind, it is best to have a “partner in crime” to keep you motivated and vice versa.

Urbasm: Yeah, kind of a wingman of sorts. Thank you, Adam.

To get more info on the Thin Ice system, check out their Kickstarter page here.


adam-paulin-300x300 (1)If innovation is involved, then you can be sure Adam is interested.

Raising almost $800,000.00 CAD through crowdfunding for his premier entrepreneurial project Thin Ice, a tech-enhanced weight-loss clothing line, Adam has experienced tremendous success as a young entrepreneur in the consumer products space and is passionate about helping other companies harness the power of great ideas to do the same.

In addition to launching his own Thin Ice product line and others, Adam is a crowdfunding campaign management consultant. He offers services at all levels of involvement and supports campaigners by helping them to find the appropriate resources before and after their crowdfunding campaign.

About Dr. Eric J. Leech

Eric has written for over a decade. Then one day he created Urbasm.com, a site for every guy.

About Dr. Eric J. Leech

Eric has written for over a decade. Then one day he created Urbasm.com, a site for every guy.