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Women We Love – Stella Maxwell

“Hey, Stella!” Marlon Brando once yelled up a case of stairs. And little did he know that 65 years later men would still be screaming the name, Stella. And while the love-crazed sentiment behind these words hasn’t changed much, the woman behind the name certainly has. Introducing Stella Maxwell – a woman we’ve never met, […]

Women We Love – Ariel Winter

You might know her as Alex Dunphy from the hit TV show Modern Family, but today, Ariel Winter is all grown up. She is used to playing the smart sassy one, and we suspect it isn’t much of a stretch for her. Ariel, may we just say that we look forward to seeing what you […]

Women We Love – Instagram Angels

We keep a close watch on Instagram, and every few weeks heaven kicks out another dozen angels and they land gracefully in some lucky photographer’s bed wearing lingerie, or on some beach wearing a skimpy bikini. But unfortunately… some don’t believe us? So in order to revive their belief that angels really do exist – […]

Babe Tribute – Rosie Roff

Rosie Roff is a model from the UK who now lives in Los Angeles. She was voted by FHM as one of the sexiest women, and we’d have to agree with that opinion. And she also just happens to be one of the hottest Instagram accounts you’d ever want to follow – here are multiple reasons why. […]

Shervin Roohparvar on Success, Crazy Women, and Bravo’s Shah’s of Sunset

Every man must create his own story; he must build his own legacy. And there are two ways to look at this. The first is to avoid the pitfalls of disappointment and failure by avoiding anything you fear might not lead to success. The second is to seek out those disappointments and failures until they become the […]

The Roundup: Men’s Style Guide

We are men. We were forged from the pits of fire, battle, loss, and conquest. We love our preferred type of women, stay faithful to our own favorite sports teams, and learn to do things well, so we can stick with that technique until the day it stops working. That system has worked so well, […]

How to Earn Your Masters in Lazy

I used to believe that laziness was something to be ashamed of. That is until I found out that there is a special talent, creativity, innovation, and a sleepy energy that drives the chronically lazy to strive for a life that is more absent, less lived, and practically devoid of pride. This is not an easy level to […]

What Every Man Needs to Know About His Only Pair of Casual Pants/Shorts

According to Zach Falconer-Barfield, of the Perfect Gentleman Tour, every man needs one pair of casual pants. We talk about 14 items that every man should have in his closet including one navy suit; two white formal shirts; two blue formal shirts, one dark sports jacket/blazer; one pair of black formal shoes; one pair of […]

April Masini On Sex, Picking Up Women, and Why Men Fail

Men want game. Men want to feel in control of the outcome, they want to feel confident and secure with their chances of picking up a woman before they ever do it. And while this may seem like a reasonable desire to achieve, it is exactly the thing that is stopping you from building any […]

What The Most Beautiful Woman Would Look Like (According To Science)

There’s been a lot of argument over who the most beautiful woman is. And it wouldn’t be 2016 if some super computer didn’t get to have a say in all this. The way it went down – is a plastic surgeon by the name of Julian De Silva, researched the most beautiful features of a woman’s […]