What The Most Beautiful Woman Would Look Like (According To Science)

Amber Heard - beautiful

There’s been a lot of argument over who the most beautiful woman is. And it wouldn’t be 2016 if some super computer didn’t get to have a say in all this. The way it went down – is a plastic surgeon by the name of Julian De Silva, researched the most beautiful features of a woman’s face through a computer program and then created an ultimate perfect face based on his findings.

As it turns out, the most beautiful woman is a mash-up of Amber Heard, Kim Kardashian (please don’t tell Kanye), Rihanna, Kate Moss, Emily Ratajkowski and Scarlett Johansson. She looks a little something like this:

And she loves rice cakes, computer chess, the film Matrix, and long walks along a pixelated beach (or so we’d presume).

Julian then took the time to calculate the ‘amount of beauty’ found in the top celebrity women of the world and created his own Top 10 List. We’ve also included the percent of perfection that can be found within the top three:

1. Amber Heard (91.85 percent of perfect)
2. Kim Kardashian (91.39 percent of perfect)
3. Kate Moss (91.06 percent of perfect)
4. Emily Ratajkowski
5. Kendall Jenner
6. Helen Mirren
7. Scarlett Johansson
8. Selena Gomez
9. Marilyn Monroe
10. Jennifer Lawrence

We can’t say that we completely agree with the results – but neither would we complain. And now that we’ve settled on a perfect face, we’d like to propose a perfect body based on science, otherwise known as the Anatomy of the Perfect Woman.

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