Men- The Story of How Stress Affects Your Sex, And What You Can Do About it

A man likes to be the best man at a party, in bed, in the office and out on the field. He strives to do everything in his power to be the best he can be—and what does he get for it? Bad sex. This is the true story of how your stress is likely […]

Men’s Health is Looking for their Next Top Trainer

You’ve worked hard on your body. You’ve reached the pinnacle of your goals, and now it’s time to share your experience and knowledge with others. You say you want to be a trainer; but are you ready to be the Men’s Health Next Top Trainer? Our friends at Men’s Health are looking for the next top […]

The Quip Toothbrush Experience

Quip is about as sexy as a toothbrush can get, and the ladies are going to love what they do for your mouth. Ever since glamour model, Krystle Lina, informed us that clean teeth was one of the biggest determinant factors of impressing a woman, we’ve been minding our T’s (Toothbrush) and F’s (Floss). However, Quip […]

Health Benefits of Mindful Eating For Men

So you’ve made the decision to get in shape, eat healthy, and finally start taking care of yourself. Good for you. But for those that already were, this article is for you too! Have you ever noticed how people with mindful eating habits tend to be in better shape? It’s not coincidence. While an apple […]

Men’s Health – Never Be Sick Again

“I’ve only had one health problem in the last 24 years,” says, 74 year old, Raymond Francis. “A cold… And I have a very good excuse for that.” “I was invited to make a speech in Egypt—I was coming home—there was bad weather—I was up for over 48 hours without sleep, and that zonked my […]

Guide to Reading Supplement Labels – Interview With Josh Hingst

Josh Hingst and Kimberly Mueller are the Authors of the book The Athlete’s Guide to Sports Supplements (Human Kinetics 2013). We consider this book to be the bible of understanding supplements, including how they work, performance benefits, and the health concerns attributed to them. Hingst is not only a nutrition specialist, but also the head […]

Lexus LFA Roaster Vs. Man

Perfect. Like You. High Performance. Like You Aspire To Be. There are many ways to boost performance. To push a machine to the point where amazing becomes its norm. One of the most cost effective ways to achieve this goal, is to streamline the function of the individual parts, so the whole can function better. […]

How Omega-3 Can Help Prevent Colon Cancer

When it comes to health benefits, omega-3 fatty acids and all its glory has been known in the medical world. It has become a subject of many studies and has lined up a long line of diseases and conditions that it can benefit. The long chain omega-3 fatty acids found mostly in sea foods and […]

15 Reasons to Have Sex Tonight

The research is out, and while it pains us to admit, North America is having a lot less sex than just about everyone in the world. And when they do finally get around to it, less than half are satisfied. What’s up with that fellas? Well, we’ve got an easy solution to the problem. Have […]

Morning Link Dump – July 19, 2013

How is your health this summer? Are you getting enough exercise, taking breaks, and eating plenty of fresh garden vegetables? Here are a few tips to make the second half of your summer even better than the first. Got Sandbags… Get Fit – Greatist Stop Overeating – Mind Body Green Using Nitric Oxide to Build Muscle […]