Society & Art – Shocking But True

It is only human to turn away from some of the grim realities of life. However, just because we choose not to look at them, doesn’t make the world a better place. Artist, Luis Quiles, has an interesting way of dealing with society’s darker side. By portraying it in larger than life illustrations, which are […]

The Amazing Lego – From an Adult Perspective

Urbasm welcomes you back to your childhood this holiday season. Except this time us adults are upping the ante as to what a pile of Lego’s should be able to accomplish with a little extra time and ingenuity. How about this full kitchen counter top.  The best part is… there will always be room to […]

Dudepins Roundup – Dude Art

Brought to you by our friends at Dudepins. Nobody calls me Lebowski. You got the wrong guy. I’m the Dude, man. -The Dude

Sensuality Provocateur – Capturing The Moment

Kristina Kazarina is a professional photographer who shares her inner sensuality and turmoil with every picture she gives to the world. To Kazarina, photography is a therapy–a form of expressing herself. While none of the photos below are what you’d consider a traditional self-portrait, she is sharing a very intimate portion of herself with each […]

Bang and Olufson Immaculate Sound With WiSA

WiSA is the Danish firm’s, Bang and Olufson’s, new wireless technology. It can currently be heard in the trio of awesomeness, otherwise known as the Beolab 17, Beolab 18 and Beolab 19. The trio will be available this coming November 2014 at $3,990 for the Beolab 17,  $3,395 for the 19 (pictured above)… And $6,590 […]

Oh, Did You Mean $Basel or #Basel?

Art Basel is a time when any semblance of order is tossed aside in favor of an aesthetic meritocracy. The plastic surgery, paintings, designer shoes (both real and fake) all contribute to a culture of appraising things based off how they look. However, the sale of art and how we come to value it is […]

Functional Art- The LaCie Sphere Hard Drive

There was a day and age when beauty was defined by hand poured silver that was then hammered to perfection by a skilled silversmith. The piece was then given life by an artist who would etch the name of its maker with all the care of a Rembrandt painting. These days are long gone. However, […]

Exploding Classic Sports Cars

You could categorize much of Fabian Oefner’s photography as, “the moment after… boom!” In the case of Fabian’s exploding sports car photography, he has taken apart very detailed miniature cars, and photographed them in various stages of dismantlement. The end result is the appearance of these classic cars spewing their guts for your visual entertainment. […]

Pinup Girl Photography Visualisations

Aurum Light and Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz are at it again. However, this time they are using high speed milk to photograph the classic pinup girl. We’ll never cry over spilt milk again.

Eyegasms From Urbasm Part 2