Eyegasms From Urbasm


Alyssa Monks Paints Nude Women in Shower

Alyssa Monks is a gifted artist whose medium is oil-based paint, and her subject is nude women in the shower or bath tub. And since this is considered art, you can actually applaud the nipples in the below image, and you are still just a critic, rather than a dirty man.

Recycled Castle

They say a man’s home is his castle, which for most people in Colorado includes a ranch-style house, two-car garage, mortgage, brown picket fence, and a schnauzer named Foo-Foo. However, for Donald “Cano” Espinoza, the saying has more of a traditional meaning. Some people in his hometown of Antonito, Colorado (South of Alamosa, population<1000), might […]

Kate Upton Body Paint

What if you gave an artist a pallet of body paint, and laid Kate Upton’s hot naked body before him? Well, after several moments of absolute silence, we’d imagine he would eventually set to work, creating something a little like this.

High Fashion Photography Visualisations

Liquid illustrations made from milk and water, frozen in time for high fashion.     Aurum Light is a studio created by Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz providing a service that covers Photography & Videography, Graphics Postproduction, 3D Visualisation, Casting, Styling and more. See the pin up girls photoshoot for more.

Trash of the Beholder

  Narcotics have been the driving force behind many legendary works of art, such as the Kubla Khan, by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, by Hunter S. Thompson. Tim Noble and Sue Webster have been experimenting with light and shadow their entire career. The idea of using trash as an […]