EverBlock – Real Legos for Real Men

  We’ve discussed how Lego models can be awesome from an adult perspective (multiple times, actually). But none of this has ever seemed to be all that practical… until now. Real men like to build furniture, just because they need it. Real men occasionally build walls in their life. Not the emotional kind, but the version with […]

The Amazing Lego – From an Adult Perspective

Urbasm welcomes you back to your childhood this holiday season. Except this time us adults are upping the ante as to what a pile of Lego’s should be able to accomplish with a little extra time and ingenuity. How about this full kitchen counter top.  The best part is… there will always be room to […]

Lego Gets Sexy

You may have built some pretty awesome Lego creations in your day… However, as your tastes change, you must challenge yourself to achieve new heights. For this moment in every man’s life, Lego has created an adult-themed line of toys… and they have been becoming quite popular with guys who are lonely,  technologically pathetic, and like […]

Lego Awesomeness

As kids, most of us guys thought that Lego was the sh**. You could create almost anything with these little  rectangular  and square blocks. And then, some of us became drunk with all this power… and that’s when Lego Awesomeness happened.