Society & Art – Shocking But True


by Gunsmithcat, Luis Quiles

It is only human to turn away from some of the grim realities of life. However, just because we choose not to look at them, doesn’t make the world a better place.

Artist, Luis Quiles, has an interesting way of dealing with society’s darker side. By portraying it in larger than life illustrations, which are kind of like a train wreck, in that it is sometimes difficult to look at, but also hard to turn away.

Submerge yourself into the shocking reality of modern art, as this is about as real as illustration can get.


by Gunsmithcat


by Gunsmithcat


by Gunsmithcat


by Gunsmithcat

All art by Gunsmithcat, Luis Quiles. @PerterPunk

H/T Unfinished Man

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