Magic In A Bottle – Unicorn Tears Gin

What could be more enchanting and majestic than a mythical creature? We’re glad you asked. Unicorn Tears Gin Liqueur would have to be the answer, and now you can indulge in your own libations from the tears of this mythical steed, or just keep a bottle around for company. Get It Here

Store Beer Into Wow Beer – That’s Fizzics

There is not much you can do to improve poorly brewed beer. However, a decent store brew that has been flattened out by sitting on a shelf in a bottle for too long… now that is something the ‘Fizzics’ Group can do a lot to improve. Fizzics is a little gadget that promised to renew […]

Happy St Patrick’s Day

Why do we love Saint Patrick’s Day? Oh, let us count the ways: One, we think the color green looks absolutely stunning on the majority of women (photo above as proof). Two, Saint Patrick was actually an English chap who became an Irish Saint, so no matter where your ties are culturally, you know you’re always […]

Stylish Barware for Your Inner Mixologist

We consider ourselves lab attendants by the way we go about our cocktail concoctions. But today we have graduated to full mad scientists with a doctorate in awesome bar glasses thanks to the company, Periodic Tableware. Each glass in their collection has been formed with the authentic materials and graduations of an official laboratory, but […]

6 Hang Over Remedies To Feel Like A Man Again

One New Year’s resolution we’ve re-discovered this morning, is not to make any resolutions that involve drinking each other under the table. As it turns out, we all woke up under a table, but to make matters worse; we could swear it was a much nicer looking table when we first sat down. Anyway, if […]

COTM – Urbasm Celebrates National Vodka Day

To celebrate National Vodka Day, the team at Urbasm has put together a couple of recipes using Crystal Head Vodka. The bottling is incredible and made by none other than Dan Aykroyd. All Tipsy No Scurvy Ingredients: Lime-flavored tonic Sweet Limes Oranges Crystal Head Vodka Instructions: Use a juicer for the citrus (or dice them into […]

Instant Beer Chiller for Bachelor’s and Their Brood

We like our beer cold and our wallet full, which is sometimes difficult to achieve. Adding to the complexity of this demand, we also expect our gadgets to work and last awhile, and have some appeal to our lady friends. Yeah, I know; we ask a lot. With the Cooper Cooler HC01-A, you can drop […]

Summer Drink Gadgets Every Guy Should Own

The summer block party’s are in full swing, and unless you have a time machine, you’re probably in need of updating at least a couple of the ancient artifacts leftover from your college days. Everything from making your drinks easier to open, see, and enjoy have been covered below, and if we missed something, kindly […]

The Bruce Lee of Bartending – Served With Flair

Have you ever made the mistake of not considering bar-tending as a worthy career achievement? This video will set the record straight–Bruce Lee style:

Kirin Ichiban Frozen Beer Slushie Machine For Summertime

If you have ever thought of making a slushie out of beer, I can tell you that it works terribly—especially on a hot day. The ice just melts and dulls the beer, and the watered down malted grain just brings out a pouty face. However, if you do it right—magic happens. The key is to […]