Spirits of the Spa

Coming this summer to a spa near you, are a collection of booze-based spa treatments designed to relax your mind, nourish your body, and sooth your aching muscles. Hot summer months are synonymous with ice-cold brews—but beer isn’t just for cooling down these days. A host of sophisticated spas are looking to beer, along with […]

Sasquatch Cocktail Shaker

For the rare moment when you are faced with a dozen 007’s, demanding their martini be shaken, and not stirred; this 15-inch, 110 ounce, stainless steel shaker ought to do the trick, and then some. The Sasquatch Cocktail Shaker ($50) is long, strong, and massive, and it may do more for your mojo that a six-pack of tube […]

The Many Uses for Beer

Beer is one of the wonders of the world. It has a way of making every woman in a room look good, it tastes fabulous as a marinade on just about anything that is dead and red, it makes a perfect garden fertilizer, and can even loosen a rusty bolt (or jammed bra strap). However, […]