Automated Craft Beer Delivered on Your Counter Once a Week? Yup, there’s an App for that… BeerMKR

Automated appliances have yet to fold and put away laundry, paint a Picasso, and frankly can barely vacuum your living room without adult supervision. But you know what they can do well? They can craft a gallon of world-class beer and deliver it to your counter at a rate of about once a week. We […]

A Professional Microbrewery for Your Home, Dorm, or Apartment

How would you like a professionally microbrewery that has the capability of supplying 14-gallons of premium brew to your dorm or block party? Introducing the Professional Microbrewery by Hammacher Schlemmer. This is not your typical home brewing kit. There is no skill, difficult instructions, or major screw ups. However, you also won’t have a heck […]