Three Things Every Guy Should Know About His Di**

When man first noticed his happy stick as a boy, it was a wonderful and mysterious friend. They’d spend the next several years growing up together. Then, one day he’d stare down at it, and wonder how he could make it bigger. He’d imagine hanging weights from it, taking strange herbs, and asking a masked […]

Schedule Some Business Time For Valentine’s Day

Some call it baking cookies, afternoon delight, spearing the bearded clam, yodeling in the valley, or doing the humpty dance. For the Flight of the Conchords, it’s just straight up “Business Time”.

Wingman App For Airplane Sex Takes Flight This Summer

This summer the “Wingman” app will be coming to an airline lavatory near you. The app’s designer, Gabe Whaley, is hoping he will be able to bring on a lot more members to the mile high club with the use of this smart tool. The way it works is you will be able to locate willing members seated […]

How to Introduce Your Girl to Kinky Sex

Sometimes a beautiful woman does not always know what she wants. Taking charge may be the only way to introduce her to pleasures she has never considered. However, just dropping in bed one evening with a whip and box of gerbils is not highly recommended. Here are a few ways to get a girl interested […]

Kama Sutra for the Lonely and Loveless

Why should sexy couples have all the fun? Surely, there must be something for us lonely and loveless souls. Why, yes there is young grasshopper, and it’s called Kama Sutra for the lonely, and it goes a little something like this:

Sex Mistakes Women Make

Guys may not always stay around to cuddle, give up the dry spot, or pay attention to a women’s less interesting erogenous zones. However, we know of at least 50 things that women do wrong in bed, and we’re calling you out ladies–so, get it right next time.

To Fap Or Not to Fap…

Today we are taking a short break from our usual Babe Tribute to pose this serious question: To Fap or Not to… At what point does self pleasure become the profile of a fapstronaunt? And if you’re really feeling frisky, you can check out the original study here.

Kama Sutra for the Urban Man

The woman is instructed to crouch down on her heels, while the man enters her from behind while in a half-seated (or full-seated if you’re lazy) position. His job is to caress her body, including back, breasts, and thighs, while also kissing her tenderly. She controls the motion of this ocean by rocking back and […]