Things Women Wish Men Knew About Sex

Guys have a lot to learn, and some of that includes things that women wish they knew more about sex. You only get one chance to make a first impression in the bedroom, and if you don’t know the shape of the terrain, you probably should be out perusing in it. To offer you a […]

7 Things Men Do In Bed That Women Hate

Men, I’ve got some good news and some bad news. The good news is that most women like sex. The bad news is that 25 percent of them would rather be taking a bubble bath, according to the website, And while you could always improve your technique with a couple months of dance lessons […]

16 Naughty Facts About Sex

Sex may be a natural act, but it is certainly mystified by a lot of the unknown. Such as, do most women really think the average manhood is too small? Which is faster between your sperm and a 2016 Mustang GT? How many Macbook Pro Laptops would it take to transfer enough data to make […]

Jingle Bells: Sex Facts or Tales Quiz

There is a lot of sex talk out there, and sometimes the ability to see the fact from the fiction is not always as easy as you would think. But, the Urbasm reader is but a whole different animal – you are intelligent, savvy and inquisitive. We have every ounce of faith that you know […]

A Man and His Penis – Can One Size Fit All (Most)

You’ve probably asked yourself this question a dozen times this year. You know, the one about your penis size. Okay, who are we kidding… you’ve likely asked that question a dozen times this week… and if you’re currently trying to hook up at a bar, that thought has crossed your mind at least that many […]

How I Became a Sex Writer – And What You’re Missing

When I was in pre-school, I was dead-set on becoming a garbage man. It seemed like a glamorous job. They operated giant Tonka trucks. Received free cookies during the holidays, so this was certainly not a bad gig. However, that was not to be my destiny. My true calling was to rate dating websites, Kama […]

7 Hacks to Get More Sex

Most dating experts believe that sex is a reward for proper pickup technique. I beg to differ, considering that many of the aphrodisiacs in this world are free for the taking. And when I say free, I mean that anyone can get more sex if you know what to look for. In fact, there are seven […]

Increase the Size of Your Manppendage

There are a number of rumors today about the size of a man’s appendage. Including how he can make it grow, feel better, work better, and keep his partner satisfied. Some of these rumors are true, while others are as fictitious as the ten inches you see in front of the mirror every day. Today, […]

Men’s Guide To Better Sex

Studies suggest that a good sex life helps men live a long, happy life. Of course, that could also be misconstrued to suggest that those who are healthier and happier, just have more sex. Either way, if you’re going to go, you might as well go with a bang (pun intended). Let’s look at five […]

What Women Think About Before, During, & After Sex

Guys, if you’ve ever wondered what was on us women’s minds before, during, and after sex. These are a few of the cold hard truths: Before: “Let’s just keep kissing–my old friend ‘Flow’ may have just got into town.” “I hope he doesn’t stay, because I don’t have anything for breakfast.” “Aren’t you going to […]