American Crew Expert – How to Get the Perfect Shave, Everytime

Is there such a thing as a perfect shave? Yes, there is, and we have experienced it with a little help from our good friends at American Crew. What is it exactly? We’ll explain that in a minute. Do you need a professional to achieve such results? No, you don’t, but you may benefit from the […]

American Crew – A Modern Touch to Your Old Fashioned Shaving Ritual

We have asked the experts many times – and they have answered: The best shave for a man most always involves pre-shave oil, a good shave cream and a sharp single or double-edge razor—end of story. But what if that wasn’t the entire end to the story. I mean, in a modern world, there are […]

Detroit Grooming Beard Oil – Your Beard Will Thank You; Your Lady Will Too

Detroit is known for a lot of things, including their auto show, Motown and hockey. And now they can add one more thing to their list—beard oil. And not just any beard oil, but the kind of old world recipe that brings a man back to a simpler time when a beard was a status […]

American Crew – Give Your Dad the Gift of Great Hair

Just about every dad likes to appear put together. However, some prefer that to be held together with a little more tenacity than others. So whether your dad is a little more low or high maintenance, there is a perfect gift waiting for him at American Crew. Allow us to demonstrate: Low Maintenance Dads – […]

Let Bespoke Post and Men’s Journal Find the Perfect Gift For Your Dad

Bespoke Post is no stranger to finding the perfect gifts for men, but when they reached out to Men’s Journal to lend a helping hand for Father’s Day. Suddenly you now have 86 first-rate curated gift ideas for dad to choose from—which is a lot! But not to worry, as Bespoke has added an excellent […]

Old Spice Father’s Day Gift Finder (and Giveaway)

Your Father is the man who birthed you. Well, he may not have exactly been in labor with your body impacted inside his own… but he was likely a very integral part of the entire process of your birth (We’ll spare you the details). He has likely bathed you, pushed you on a swing, beat […]

Go-Comb – A Gentleman’s Style Accessory

The Go-Comb. We had never heard of these until we were offered to give one a test drive last month. What you are looking at is basically a 3.25” X 2” stainless steel comb that is also about 0.1 centimeters thick. This is slightly smaller than your average credit card, so it will fit right […]

Wake Up! Caffeinated Skincare is Here

Pacific Shaving Company is an American-made line of skincare, which most recently has been working on infusing caffeine into its shaving products. Can it absorb into your blood this way? Yes. Does it replace your morning coffee? No. However, it’s important to remember that this is about showing your best face, not your most hyperactive […]

5 Skin Care Tips for Guys With Fair (Pale) Skin

Living in a hot, sunny climate with a pale complexion can be challenging when it comes to skincare. Ideally, you want a regimen that’s going to protect you, but bathing in SPF 50 before you walk outside isn’t the most convenient route. Is it really possible to maintain healthy skin without putting in a ton […]

Old Spice Fresher Collection Gift Kit Giveaway

Update: Congratulations to our winner, Chad Kennerk. Thank you to everyone who entered, and stay tuned for more giveaways to come! Men, when was the last time you took your lady on a scent vacation? She can choose between five destinations, including Denali, Fiji, Timber, Amber and Citron—And the good news is… they will all […]