6 Things Every Man Should Know About His Hair

How often should you wash your hair? What is the best styling product for men? What does it mean when your hair falls out… and more. These are the six things that every man should know about his hair. 1. You Only Need to Wash Your Hair 3 Times Per Week It may seem like […]

5 Best Holiday Subscription Boxes for Men

Getting gifts is awesome, especially when the person giving them knows what they’re doing. In fact, we’d even pay money to have someone truly qualified to pick out our gifts. “Hmm – what a fantastic idea,” said these five awesome box subscription services, and this is what you’re missing out on: Svb­scrip­tion is a ser­vice that […]

Celebrity Hairstylist Tells Us the Top Hair Trends for 2016

The man bun, pompadour, mullet, short and messy… what do you think will be some of the hottest hair trends for 2016? We had no idea, so we enlisted the help of Mr. Jason Schneidman, the Dove Men+Care expert and also the head groomer on the set of the Late Late Show with James Corden. […]

3 Tips to Keep Your Skin and Hair Hydrated This Winter

The weather reports are suggesting this coming winter could be a particularly cold and brutal one for those in the South and East Coast. But you know what really takes the brunt of a bad winter day? Every surface of your body that is left out to fend for itself during your daily jaunt to […]

Hair Situation – Two New Formulas, Same Great Results

You know what I like better than trying out a new brand of hair product? Trying a new formula from a brand I already like. We gave ‘Hair Situation’ a shot last winter and we were very impressed by their ‘no-glue-no-goo’ policy. These gels and pomades are very clean formulas and do exactly what their […]

Bespoke Post Gets You Ready for Movember

This month Bespoke Post is offering up a box of awesome (entitled “Trimmed”) that is complete with all the tools you’re going to need to make this your best Movember yet. They start you off with a 2 oz bar of Amber Resin Beard Soap by The Mod Cabin to keep both your beard, mustache […]

Tommy Bahama: St. Kitts Fragrance Keeps it Light and Beachy

Tommy Bahama is well known for its floral printed shirts, but none of the flowers made it to their new St. Kitts fragrance for men – which is probably for the best. The scent is beachy without having that overpowering Bath & Body Works candle smell to it. Other notes include mandarin, starfruit, cedarwood and fresh […]

American Crew’s 67th EMMY Ballots Giveaway

The Emmy awards will be unleashing on your HDTV on September 20, 2015, and before the final ballots are drawn, our friends at American Crew would like to take a tally on which show you think deserves to be honored with the “Best of Hair” EMMY award. And for your trouble, we’ll be giving away […]

HeadShade SPF and HeadWipes – The Ultimate Maintenance Kit for a Shaved Head

You often hear comments from men about how much easier it is to care for themselves now that they have freed themselves from the hair on their head. And while I’d agree that it may simplify a few steps in the morning, it by no means releases us from the ritual and maintenance of the […]

This Vintage Razor Allows You To Customize Your Shave

We are a straight edge razor kind of gentlemen. A vintage razor shaves closer, better and just leaves a man with an overall boost of testosterone. But what about style? The traditional single/double razor has been around for a lot of decades, and one Kickstarter project says they have made several improvements over that old […]