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American Crew Father's Day

Just about every dad likes to appear put together. However, some prefer that to be held together with a little more tenacity than others. So whether your dad is a little more low or high maintenance, there is a perfect gift waiting for him at American Crew. Allow us to demonstrate:

pomade_1Low Maintenance Dads – AC Pomade

The American Crew Pomade is a classic formula of water-based lanolin, which means it goes on easy, washes off even easier and lasts the entire day without any fuss. It is so low maintenance, that once you put it on he’ll just kind of forget about it. Its secret is in its strong but flexible hold, which keeps hair looking natural but well put together. It really doesn’t get any easier than this.



forming-cream_0Low-Medium Maintenance Dad – AC Forming Cream

Most dad’s will appreciate the low maintenance of AC’s Pomade, but may miss the traditional feel of a styling cream. For these dad’s you’ve got this water-based cream pumped with Lanolin wax, sucrose and glycerin to help control hair while also maintaining a natural look with a little extra boost in the volume department.



molding-clay_0Medium Maintenance Dad – AC Molding Clay

Getting a little more serious in the ‘hold’ department for the dad who prefers more holding power, AC offers their Molding Clay. Its ingredient list includes beeswax and kaolin, which is a particularly unique because it allows hair to maintain its shape even when faced with water spray or sweat, unlike most gels. So if your dad is active, but also a little fussy about his hair, he will certainly approve of this particular ‘problem hair’ solution.



Style_Products_Boost-Cream_100mL-(3)-sfwMedium-High Maintenance Dad – AC Boost Cream

Your dad may have grown a little sparse on the top over the years, but he certainly doesn’t want to be reminded about it. But hey, we all need a little ‘boost’ every now and then, and this cream can add some serious volume without overloading it with too much hold or hocus-pocus (i.e. sprays, dyes or other unmentionables). It is formulated with Glycerin, Mineral Oil and Isopropyl Myristtae (thickening agent) to add softness and moisture while also helping to maximize volume.


superglue_0High Maintenance Dad – AC Superglue

If your dad idolizes the tenacity of Donald’s Trumps swoopy hairdo, he will discover holding power and shine like he never thought possible with this AC Superglue. And unlike many other ultra hold styling gels, this one is formulated with a mix of natural lubricants to keep his hair from drying out or looking ‘powdery’. This is the kind of hair product that most high-maintenance dad’s have been dreaming about.

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And happy Father’s Day to all the men who were brave enough to sail the raging seas of tantrums and hormones… otherwise known as child/teen rearing!


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