Men's advice on dating, from making yourself more presentable and other types of attraction to learning body language and more.

Three Things Women Want Men to Know

It is true that if women would just come right out and tell men what it is they want–the world would be a much better place. However, women prefer men to do the work for themselves. Why? Because it shows compassion, confidence, diligence, and maturity. So, you could either do all the work it takes […]

The Science of Seduction

What kind of techniques do you use on a first date? Do you think that girls fall for the overconfident bad boy? Do women fall for the proven tactics to get them to feel more comfortable with you, or is it better to just be yourself? Why not allow science make the mistakes before you […]

How To Kiss Her To Turn Her On

Locking lips for the first time can make or break what she thinks of you from then on. Even if a date is going well, if you don’t kiss her in a way that leaves her wanting more, she’ll flick you off to the Friend Zone faster than an umpire can say, “You’re out!” So, […]

What Women Want in a Man

How many of you guys have dated an amazing woman, only to mess up, and have absolutely no idea what went wrong? Did you know that there are game rules for getting laid, and if you play them right, you actually can have your cake, and eat it every night without a single complaint. It […]

9 Principles of a Lasting Relationship

Men, we know that navigating dating with success can be difficult. However, it can be simplified by using the nine simple principles of a lasting relationship, which has been adapted from the Carnegie classic, How to Win Friends & Influence People. While this advice has traditionally been set in terms of how to improve your […]

How to Be a Man – The Pickup Artist

Some guys would like to think that being a pickup artist is as simple as maintaining a carefully trimmed beard, wearing designer clothing, speaking in poetry, and complimenting their chosen prey with every other word. However, the truth is, most guys are missing a few of the most important points of picking up a decent […]

Adam LoDolce Explains What Women Want

Adam LoDolce is the creator of a free film for men, called “Go Talk To Her” at He also coaches women, which means that when it comes to some of the more common gripes they have with us guys, he has a front row seat. We asked Adam to share some of his knowledge about […]

Deadly Terms Used by Women

Surgeon General’s Warning: Women’s vocabulary may be hazardous to your health. Especially if both ears are functioning, and you forgot to crank the volume up on the game. Let’s look at five of the deadliest terms a man will ever hear… and what they really mean.

The Do’s and Don’ts of a Great Relationship

The success of every relationship is the direct result of the actions you take. By perfecting your approach, you can increase the likelihood of fostering a successful partnership. Here are the do’s and don’ts of every great relationship. 1. Do Be Curious You begin every relationship with a certain “awe” factor and interest level. Over […]