The Digital Evolution

Long before the web, we relied on encyclopedia’s and a place called the library to gather information. Back then things went at a slower pace, and most of us were informed of the days events by newspapers or the evening news. The digital revolution has brought many advancements, and there’s been casualties along the way. […]

Fashion Jacket to Hug the Lonely

Okay, so maybe this jacket isn’t exactly high fashion. However, if you routinely dream of hugging fashion models, and you have absolutely no chance of that ever happening, this may be the fashion statement you’ve been waiting for. When most guys think of a girlfriend coat, visions of grabbing their girlfriend’s jacket, so they can […]

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach Tells Us Three Things Every Guy Should Know

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, (a.k.a. “America’s Rabbi”) is host of the TLC show, Shalom in the Home, is a best-selling author (The Broken American Male, Honoring the Child Spirit, and Kosher Sex), and is a very cool guy to sit down and chat with should you ever have the opportunity. We had the pleasure to catch up with him […]

Choose the Best Seat in Any House

Whether you are on a plane, at a meeting, or at a movie theater, you must ask yourself the same question, Where should I sit? Is it really always better to be in the front of the plane, the isle, at the back of the theater, or at the head of a table? Let’s find […]

The Best of Kickstarter

Back in days before social media was just a thumb twitch away, getting your ideas out to the right people meant hours of planning, cold calling, presentations, meetings, condemning your first born to a Chinese slave, and finally receiving a check for $5 from your grandma. To date, Kickstarter has helped fund over $274 million […]

Denver Night Club Guide

Clubbing in Denver can be a hit and miss experience. The biggest complaints from Denver nightclub goers is not having enough room to dance, the clubs are too far apart to club hop, and the parking can get a little expensive. Thankfully, there is a bundle of night clubs that are relatively close to each […]

High Fashion Photography Visualisations

Liquid illustrations made from milk and water, frozen in time for high fashion.     Aurum Light is a studio created by Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz providing a service that covers Photography & Videography, Graphics Postproduction, 3D Visualisation, Casting, Styling and more. See the pin up girls photoshoot for more.

Extreme Hot Air Ballooning

“Up, up and away-i-ay, my beautiful, my beautiful balloon…” The birds are getting ready to chirp, the sun is peaking out, and there is no better way to see the world than in a hot air balloon. The best part is this extreme activity is something that almost anyone can enjoy with a limited amount […]

Extreme Whitewater Rafting

What does living life to the “extreme” in the Spring mean? Well, to some it means the thrill of plunging into a pine scented abyss of gurgling water, dodging bobbing rubber ducky’s and balancing a laptop carelessly on the edge of their garden sized Jacuzzi tub. To others it means wavering carelessly in the lazy […]

Man’s Travel Roundup

The man on the go has several things to consider before he sets off on a trip (be it business or pleasure). We’re talking about such common concerns as, which luggage to bring, how to entertain himself while waiting for the plane, and whether or not his luggage is even going to be along for […]