20 Lessons Learned and Advice from Dad

Many father’s are not the best communicators. However, while fostering a relationship with dad over the years, we’ve discovered that he is brilliant and wise beyond words. These are the twenty lessons of life, love, success, style, and responsibility that have shaped us into the men we are today. Every man/woman leaves a legacy. The […]

Ode To Father’s Day

There are a number of stories for how Fathers Day came about, but the one we like involves a woman named Mrs. John B. Dodd. She was the daughter of a Civil War Veteran who took care of his six children after his wife died while in labor with their sixth child. She wanted to […]

Happy Awkward Father’s Day

Dad, you may not have always been the best father… In fact, many of our greatest memories were kind of awkward. However, you’re all we got, so we’re going to do our best to make this a special tribute. To all the socially handicapped, insecure, and irresponsible father’s out there… this one’s for you. You […]