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How to Be a Man – And ‘Own’ Your Bathroom

Being a man and owning a bathroom is about as original as a black t-shirt at a heavy metal concert. However, really “owning” your bathroom is an entirely different topic. A man’s restroom should be rustic, clean, connected to nature, but also a triumph over nature. In other words, it should appear to have been […]

Audio Technica SonicFuel ATH-CKX5iS Review

Audio Technica has been in the business of audio entertainment for the past 53 years. Their brand has been approved by the great Alan Parsons. It has translated voices across Olympic stadiums, and developed technologies that not only block the sound you don’t want, but magnify the stuff you do. So when we heard that […]

Angie Vu Ha On Her Music, Passion and Being a Bad Girl

You know what they say about artist’s? Well, if you don’t, Angie Vu Ha can certainly set you straight. Angie loves to create music, wear leather spanks, and is one woman who can actually turn being ‘bad in the bedroom’ into a ‘good’ thing. Angie is an international supermodel and DJ, and that combination has […]

Get the Style Women Love

What do women really want to see you in? Well, we did the research for you, and have come up with a few simple tips to make sure your first date wardrobe is always woman approved. After all, who would you most want to impress on a first date—your friends or a sexy lady? We […]

Women We Love – Chic Style

It is a shame that some women get too caught up in the latest trends. They forget that an individual statement should not be purchased from a magazine page; it must be as unique as her own personality. For instance, these are a collection of our favorite Hollywood women who understand the value of individuality… […]

Limited Edition ATX HeadBlade Shaver – Because Your Head Deserves it

When was the last time you brought your head some flowers, treated it to some Barry White, and maybe a nice massage. Your head does a lot of great things for you, and what do you give it in return? May we suggest a limited edition John Van Hamersveld ATX Headblade. A couple weeks ago […]

Cubicles – Coppin Penthouse with a View

The urban landscape can be very boxy if you allow it to be. The design aspect of height brings the necessity to utilize cubes of space in every apartment or penthouse. But as we have learned in life, if you can’t change something, then you should just accentuate it even more. This Coppin Penthouse, located […]

Amanda Cerny on Success, Foreplay and Improving Your Relationship

Today we welcome the social media powerhouse and all around wonder woman, Amanda Cerny. She is here to school you on the finer points of success, relationships, foreplay–plus offer up a pretty convincing conspiracy theory involving a good portion of your women. But we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves. We had initially sought the […]

Olympus Air A01 – There’s a Professional Camera Hidden in Your Smartphone

Well, it’s not exactly hidden, as you’re going to need to purchase an Olympus Air A01 Smartphone Lens to make it happen. But once you do, a world of photographic bliss will be at your fingertips. It features a 16-megapixel MOS Micro Four Thirds sensor, a quick AF system, and an on-board Micro SD card to […]

Fight Night

Put on your good tie, Leave work early; You don’t want to be late. The sun is setting, The contenders are lining up And your bed is empty… for now. It’s fight night.