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Little Cape Town Bachelor Pad that Could

From the view on the street, this quaint little bachelor pad looks like a modest one-story with the possibility of at least a decent ocean front view. Most buyers might continue past, thinking that there must be something better down the way. You see, Cape Town has a lot of nice homes to choose from, […]

Tailor Vintage Reversible Shorts Make Weekend Getaways Easy

Some men expend vast amounts of time and effort to own some of the world’s finest brands of clothing. We at Urbasm prefer to expend a little more effort to discover some of the finest clothing that may not be known to every man. Tailor Vintage is a modest brand with a big promise. They […]

Kero – Get Control Over Your Tech

I’m the kind of guy that is so focused on adding the next tech toy to my collection, that I rarely consider the problem of introducing yet another set of cables into my already over-cabled life. I’ve got so many cables floating around in drawers and closets, I am fairly certain that some of them […]

Women We Love – Julianne Hough

There are some girl next door types that guys just never see coming. And then there are the ones that no guy could ever miss. She sings, she acts, and she dances, and she holds a very special place in our hearts that no other woman could ever claim. Julianne Hough–we think we love you. […]

Morning Link Dump – Belated Edition

How did it get so late so soon? Its night before its afternoon. December is here before its June. My goodness how the time has flewn. How did it get so late so soon? -Dr. Seus Yeah, the morning may have come and gone, but these links are fresher than a whistling swan. – Max

Grovemade Premium Desk Collection

You spend over a quarter of your life at work, so you might as well make it as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. This is where the Grovemade Premium Desk Collection comes in. We’ve reviewed Grovemade products before, and allow me to reassure you that they are nothing short of high quality. This premium desk […]

Urban Wine Cellar in a Box

The wine cellar is becoming a dying dream to the urban landscape. This is because the traditional layout takes a large spare area in a basement, a sealed concrete floor, fully insulated ceilings and walls, and a wine cooling system embedded into the wall. Yeah, all that work might not be viable in an apartment […]

Man IQ Test

A real man should not be required to calculate arithmetic, name all 50 states, or recite the alphabet to proclaim his value to the world. In fact, I think that a man’s IQ should reflect his common sense and overall chance to survive without a smartphone, Google, and multi-language instruction manual. 1.) If you’re at […]

James – Survival Knife for a Gentleman

Knives have received a reputation over the years, resulting in a sharp decline of urban gentlemen who feel comfortable wielding one as everyday carry. A well built knife can come in handy at any moment. However, if it’s important to maintain the class and sophistication of a well-groomed businessman, just any knife won’t do. James […]

Roadmance – Meeting Women While Traveling for Business

You’ve been traveling for hours. When you finally get off the plane and into a rental car, you find a good place to eat, and head back to your hotel to get some rest. However, your actually not all that tired. You’d like to go out and do something fun, but sitting alone in a […]