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Babe Tribute – Barbara Palvin

No doubt you’ll recognize her; Barbara Palvin is the Victoria’s Secret model that possesses the look of innocence and sultry at the same time. She was discovered on the streets of Budapest at a young age, and now she has already modeled for big brands and been on numerous covers, including her crowning achievement as Urbasm’s […]

How to Introduce Your Girl to Kinky Sex

Sometimes a beautiful woman does not always know what she wants. Taking charge may be the only way to introduce her to pleasures she has never considered. However, just dropping in bed one evening with a whip and box of gerbils is not highly recommended. Here are a few ways to get a girl interested […]

Brian Deegan’s Ford F150 SVT Raptor

An SVT Raptor is just what we’d expect from the true gearhead and X-Game champion, Brian Deegan (a.k.a. “the General”). This is a man who has lost one kidney, annihilated his spleen, broken multiple bones, and has looked death in the eye more than just a couple of times. If it’s fast, dangerous, and your […]

Babe Tribute – Sara Tommasi

Happy Boxing Day to you. This is the traditional day after Christmas, of which wealthy British folk would give their servants a box. Well, we at Urbasm do not observe this holiday, choosing instead to celebrate our own made-up day, known as Buxom Day. Here to help us celebrate is none other than Sara Tommasi. Take […]

Black, Red and White All Over- All Things Stylish in 2014

Looking ahead to 2014, the tone of menswear is about to change to a more subdued yet savvy style. All black ensembles with pops of color are quickly becoming the best way to show your care about fashion without going overboard. The holiday season carries its fair share of cheese, but we want to make […]

A Man’s Guide to Last Minute Gift Buying

The end of the holiday season is quickly approaching. However, us men have nothing to fear. We still have some time to get all our shopping done, which should be all we need, right? Sure, as long as you don’t mind picking up the Christmas socks with the hole in them, perfume box that was […]

12 Days of X-Mas – A Beer

On the first Day of Christmas Urbasm gave to you… a beer. But not just any beer. This is the Old Stock Cellar Reserve Beer 2011, which is equivalent to squeezing the mojo from a Jaguar E-Type Series 1, straining it between the breasts of Hope Dworaczyk, and letting it ferment in the holy grail […]

Brad Pitt’s Custom Hardtail Chopper

Some celebrities ride a bicycle; others prefer a scooter while drunk (ahem, Mickey Rourke). However, the real hardcore biker knows that if your tailbone isn’t cracked by the time you kick out the stand, you should be booted back into the playpen along with the other dentists on motorized tricycles. This “hardtail” chopper, made by […]

12 Days of X-Mas – 2 Turtlenecks

Welcome to our second day of Christmas. In the tradition of the Canadian 12 days of Christmas, coined by the two hosers, Bob and Doug, we present to you two turtlenecks. However, these are not your typical turtlenecks. They are of your cashmere variety, which I find to not only be more comfortable (not scratchy), […]

12 Days of X-Mas – 3 Tips to Pickup More Women

The holidays are statistically one of the loneliest times of the year. However, it doesn’t have to be that way, and here are three tips to become a more successful with women this holiday. 1. Play the Numbers Game– For every two women that approach a guy, at least one of them will walk away […]