Women We Love – Rise of the Cleavag

What every gentleman dreams about has never had a proper name… until now. It is called Cleavag, and while we first heard of it from Men’s Health, we are sure you are going to be hearing (and seeing) a lot more of it. What is it? Well, unlike cleav·age (noun), which describes the hollow mysterious […]

Women We Love – Tatiana Girardi

The lovely miss Tatiana Ussa Girardi is a hot Colombian fitness model that clearly knows how to work it, and a bit of an internet sensation that sure got our attention.

Women We Love – Susanna Canzian

When we came across Susanna Canzian, we were in awe. Her beauty, curves and proportions have us believe she could have a great future, like an SI Swimsuit model, or perhaps Victoria’s Secret. Either way, we know Susanna Canzian has a big future and look forward to seeing more of her. For even more of Susanna Canzian be […]

Women We Love – Kayla Fitz

Our new crush Kayla Fitz has caught our attention, and to say she is captivating is an understatement. As a a self proclaimed goofball, Kayla says she never takes things too seriously because she loves to laugh and have fun. You can see more of Kayla at Bikiniteam.com and her Instagram A photo posted by Kayla Fitz (@kaylafitz3) […]

Women We Love – Carol Belli

The lovely miss Carol Belli comes from Brazil, and provides us yet another reminder to visit the country with some many beauties it’s enough to make a grown man cry.

Women We Love – Ana Cheri

You probably recognize her, and Ana Cheri is no stranger to modeling. Born and raise in Southern California, she’s a former playmate and Instagram star.  

Women We Love – Katya Elise Henry

Miami based fitness model and trainer Katya Elise Henry shows us how the hard work pays off, and then some.  

Women We Love – Fernanda Ferrari

While some have it, others like Fernanda Ferrari are meant to flaunt it.

Women We Love – Alexis Bellino

If you recognize her from the show Real Housewives, you’re correct. Alexis Bellino makes reality television worth watching.

Women We Love – Dolly Castro

  The lovely Dolly Castro is as alluring as she is beautiful, with a number of talents. The Nicaraguan actress/model/designer is also a hit on instagram. Be sure to check the videos of Dolly Castro for more, from glamour to bikini photo shoots;