Women We Love – Tatiana Girardi

The lovely miss Tatiana Ussa Girardi is a hot Colombian fitness model that clearly knows how to work it, and a bit of an internet sensation that sure got our attention.

Women We Love – Susanna Canzian

When we came across Susanna Canzian, we were in awe. Her beauty, curves and proportions have us believe she could have a great future, like an SI Swimsuit model, or perhaps Victoria’s Secret. Either way, we know Susanna Canzian has a big future and look forward to seeing more of her. For even more of Susanna Canzian be […]

Women We Love – Kayla Fitz

Our new crush Kayla Fitz has caught our attention, and to say she is captivating is an understatement. As a a self proclaimed goofball, Kayla says she never takes things too seriously because she loves to laugh and have fun. You can see more of Kayla at Bikiniteam.com and her Instagram A photo posted by Kayla Fitz (@kaylafitz3) […]

Women We Love – Carol Belli

The lovely miss Carol Belli comes from Brazil, and provides us yet another reminder to visit the country with some many beauties it’s enough to make a grown man cry.

Women We Love – Ana Cheri

You probably recognize her, and Ana Cheri is no stranger to modeling. Born and raise in Southern California, she’s a former playmate and Instagram star.  

Women We Love – Katya Elise Henry

Miami based fitness model and trainer Katya Elise Henry shows us how the hard work pays off, and then some.  

Women We Love – Fernanda Ferrari

While some have it, others like Fernanda Ferrari are meant to flaunt it.

Women We Love – Alexis Bellino

If you recognize her from the show Real Housewives, you’re correct. Alexis Bellino makes reality television worth watching.

Women We Love – Dolly Castro

  The lovely Dolly Castro is as alluring as she is beautiful, with a number of talents. The Nicaraguan actress/model/designer is also a hit on instagram. Be sure to check the videos of Dolly Castro for more, from glamour to bikini photo shoots;

Independence Day Done Right

The beautiful red, white & blue waves high and proud today, as we Americans pay tribute to the brave men and women who gave us our independence and opportunity to make this country great. And so we’ve been prompted to ask the one question that has been asked so many times before: How important it […]