Urbasm Salutes America – 2023 edition

The Average American male under the age of 45 knows more about the 50 hottest women on the planet than they do about the history of America and their founding fathers. So we thought, why can’t you mix the two in order to tickle both the titillations and American pride of our fellow man. And so we did…

It was on a warm summer day on the first day of July, 1776 that Congress was preparing to vote on the future of America’s ties with Great Britain. They cast their votes on July 2nd, tallied them on that very same day and what they found was that America had now been declared an independent nation.

But nobody else knew this, because news traveled slow back in those days. About as slow as one man and one horse. But the idea of independence from Great Britain was a very tantalizing one. About as tantalizing as, well, a bunch of women posing in bikinis, and so those men on horseback rode fast…

Photo by Alp Yıldızlar

They rode like the wind to every town and newspaper in the nation. And by July 4th, well, still only drop in the bucket of people knew about this news. It was not until Saturday, July 6th, that The Pennsylvania Evening Post was able to print the story for the public, and others were not far behind.

So, why do we celebrate on the 4th? We’re getting to that…

When news hit the stands, it blew more than just a few bikini tops off. Well, the ‘bikini’ as we know it, did not officially have a name until July 5th, 1946, but we think this image is a hell of a lot more compelling than just a hat being blown off. The point is, July 4th does not signify when American’s knew they were independent, or even when the votes were tallied, but rather when Congress unanimously adopted the notion in the form of a declaration forged from the signatures of men like Thomas Jefferson, Roger Sherman, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and Robert Livingston.

But technically, one could say that July 2nd is the more appropriate day for celebration, and in fact, President John Adams refused to celebrate on the 4th during his term (1797-1801), stating that same idea.

And now for a brief intermission from this lesson to reenergize your patriotism…

It wasn’t until 1777 that America staged its first party in Philadelphia, and the 4th of July as we know it was born. From there we soon adopted parades, public firework displays, hotdogs, beer, and somewhere within all that eye candy we lost touch with the actual meaning of the day.

The fourth of July is about…

Acknowledging pride for your country and flag…

Accepting comradery for your fellow man (and woman)…

And toasting to the nation for allowing you the freedom to enjoy a day off wearing only a bikini and a cold drink.


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About Doc Hollandaise

Lover, fighter, and bona fide sex expert.