Loser’s Guide To Happiness

There is a rumor that was started by some self-hating fool, stating that losers are never happy. Why? Because nothing ever goes right for them. Well, I’m here to negate this statement. In fact, I’m about to throw you one better by not only challenging it, but proving how you can live a happier life, […]

Cheat On Your Girlfriend And Not Get Caught

First off, let me begin by saying that I would never cheat on a girl who was worthy of my attention. With that said, let me also say that I have never met a woman who was. Over the years I have collected a list of ‘must do’s’ if you want to cheat and not […]

Morning Link Dump – Dirty, Nasty, Unbelievable

All I’m trying to do is survive and make good out of the dirty, nasty, unbelievable lifestyle that they gave me. -Tupac Shakur

Women We Love – Lauren Hanley

Actress and model, Lauren Hanley, became an internet sensation through her instagram photos, and shortly after dating NFL prospect, Johnny Manziel. What did Manziel see in Lauren? Well, these six things for starters (or maybe I should rather say, twelve things): And there was probably this: And this too:

Three Things Every Guy Should Know About His Di**

When man first noticed his happy stick as a boy, it was a wonderful and mysterious friend. They’d spend the next several years growing up together. Then, one day he’d stare down at it, and wonder how he could make it bigger. He’d imagine hanging weights from it, taking strange herbs, and asking a masked […]

Women We Love – Diana Bouchardet

Looking at a photo of Diana Bouchardet is like listening to a woman whisper softly in your ear, as your feet are being tickled, earlobes nibbled, and then you finally succumb to a sneeze.     Excuse me… I need a cigarette.    

Women We Love – She Got Legs

She’s got hair down to her fanny. She’s kinda jet set, try undo her panties. Everytime she’s dancin’ she knows what to do. Everybody wants to see if she can use it. She’s so fine, she’s all mine, girl, you got it right. -ZZ Top

The Ultimate Gentleman’s Pad – Antilia

We’ve featured a lot of ‘awesome‘ and ‘classy‘ gentleman’s pads in the past. However, Antilia (named after a mystical island in the Atlantic Ocean) is supposed to be the ‘ultimate’. Let’s tally up its awesomeness and see if it’s worthy of this title. While Antilia is technically a 27-floor building, due to its extended ceilings […]

Babe Tribute – Kahili Blundell

Australian model Kahili Blundell has caught the attention of many with her captivating looks.  

10 Signs You’re A Bad Kisser

According to research, nearly three-quarters of women who were attracted to a man on a date, will become instantly repelled if he turns out to be a bad kisser. As it turns out, women can gauge a lot about a man from one kiss, ranging from his confidence, health, genetic compatibility, and if he’s going […]