Roundup – A Man’s Sex Education

Rachel Williams

Did you know that man lost his penis ‘bone’ long ago due to premature ejaculation? Have you ever thought about getting ‘scrotal enhancement’ to improve your luck with the ladies? A man is never too old (or skilled) to learn a few new tips, tricks, and trivia about sex. And this week we take our […]

Know When She’s Ready to Sleep with You

How do you know when a woman is ready to sleep with you? Is it a come-hither stare, sly wink, or sweet aroma expelled from her bosom? If you push her too soon, you might scare her off. And if you try too late, she might think you’re not up to the task of satisfying […]

Women We Love – Black Beauties

When it comes to women, if you know what you like, finding the one is that much easier. She should have a beautiful mind, heart and soul, above everything else. She should be strong, intelligent, confident, make you weak in the knees, and long for her company. We’ve all heard that beauty is skin deep, but we […]

The Gentlemen’s Guide to Ending a Horrible Date

She eats like Gollum, wears too much perfume – and her cat absolutely hates you. You could always be brutally honest and say you just want to be friends, or that your bowels are preparing to unleash a tsunami in your trousers, but some situations require a little more finesse than drama. For whatever reason, […]

Women We Love – Jean Genies and Denim Divas

A few months ago within the pages of some business journal, we were quoted as saying: “It is not the end to every journey that is the most memorable, but rather the anticipation and work in getting there.” But they got us all wrong. We were not promoting the art of investing your money appropriately or how […]

The Dirty Mind of a Gentleman

  We all have our vices, both man and beast… So let it not be said that a gentleman can’t have a dirty mind. The difference is that when a gentleman allows his mind to wander just a bit too far into the gutter – his perception immediately cleanses those thoughts with a touch of […]

Things Women Wish Men Knew About Sex

Things Women Wish Men Knew About Sex

Guys have a lot to learn, and some of that includes things that women wish they knew more about sex. You only get one chance to make a first impression in the bedroom, and if you don’t know the shape of the terrain, you probably should be out perusing in it. To offer you a […]

Women We Love – Paula Patton

It was recently brought to our attention that this sexy actress has only appeared in a handful of films over the past decade. Notably, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, Hitch, Baggage Claim, About Last Night and the upcoming Warcraft. She has only garnished attention in a few major magazines and has never been celebrated as one of […]

The Round Up – Things Every Man Should Know About Sex and Relationships

You can completely change a man’s life by what he doesn’t know about sex and relationships. And while we could just feed you some fish to get you by (such as the photo above), we’d much rather teach you how to fish for yourself using the tips we’ve learned from a few of our trusted […]

Tech Features to Enhance Your Next Road Trip

Road trips are many things. They can be fun. They can be eye-opening. They can be a great way to get away. Some would even argue that road trips are one of the most quintessential modes of American travel. But one thing they’re usually not is comfortable. Think about it. You’re spending hours upon hours […]