Know When She’s Ready to Sleep with You

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How do you know when a woman is ready to sleep with you? Is it a come-hither stare, sly wink, or sweet aroma expelled from her bosom?

If you push her too soon, you might scare her off. And if you try too late, she might think you’re not up to the task of satisfying her. Reading into her actions and body language is no easy task, I understand… unless you already know what to look for.

She is Getting What She Wants

Women actually think a very simply when it comes to sex. They base much of their decision on when the first time should be – by how they want to feel afterwards. So, by knowing what her goal is, you can pretty much guess when she’ll be ready. For instance, if she is looking for a good time, she will be ready the moment she thinks you’ll be fun in bed.

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If she’s looking for commitment, well then she will likely not be ready until she senses some commitment from you.  If she is looking for a man to challenge her, well then she won’t be ready until she is convinced your worth the challenge and her effort to conquer you.

She’s Falling for You

A lot of guys prefer to get sex before the love part comes into play, but many women would disagree. Women read up on all the latest expert advice, and what the books are telling them these days is to wait until they sense it could be love.

This is because, otherwise, the act of sex can initiate a sense of ‘bonding’ and leave her more vulnerable to being hurt. This isn’t to say that women don’t make mistakes and choose to follow the ‘don’t do as I read but rather what my hormones are telling me’ motto.


She’s Seeking Info About Your Past Sexual History

Women like to play by the books, and it is classic pre-sex foreplay to find out as much about a guy before putting herself at risk for an STD. This line of questioning may conclude with a trip to a clinic where you can both be tested and given a clean bill of health to get the party started.

You’re Within the Timeline of Her Past Relationships

As much as women like to tell men that they are looking for the opposite of their ex, most women usually follow a pretty obvious relationship pattern. If you know how her last relationship went, you can safely assume that yours will be roughly on the same schedule.

Did she fall in love hard after the first couple dates, hinting that she is likely slept with these guys early and bonded with them too soon? Or does her story unveil that she’s likely a ‘slow burner,’ meaning that she prefers to take her time until she is either getting what she wants or is falling in love.

Her Friends and Family Approve

One obstacle women have with sex, is getting beyond the shame of being found out by friends and family for sleeping with a guy who is largely disapproved of. This doesn’t mean that a woman won’t do it despite your unpopularity, but they will have to think a lot more about it and either plan to be sneaky or prepare for the shaming.

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She’s Making All the Moves, And You’re Letting Her

Women don’t like to feel pushed into the bedroom. In fact, it can be a real turn-off because most women know what they want. The smart gentleman will set the scene, make all the right moves, and let the woman guide him the rest of the way home. Allow me to explain more clearly. Each time a woman invites you up to her apartment, she is considering sleeping with you. This does not suggest she is absolutely going to sleep with you, but you’re in the running.

to gain a woman’s trust you must first pass a number of her tests… all ‘guided by her’. This isn’t suggesting you’re supposed to sit there like a well-trained puppy, but rather that you play each hand she gives you to your fullest advantage without being too presumptuous. Ultimately, it will not be your own willpower that will get the prize – but rather your wit, charm, charisma and practiced hands.

About Doc Hollandaise

Lover, fighter, and bona fide sex expert.

About Doc Hollandaise

Lover, fighter, and bona fide sex expert.