Women We Love – Christen Dye

How much can one group of men love, Christen Dye? Allow us to count the ways:

Women We Love – The 40 Percent Rule

Research suggests that women should display approximately 40 percent of their body in order to attract a gentleman. Any more and she will be designated ‘unclassy’ – any less and she will be seen as a prude. And so we thought we’d put the 40 Percent rule to the test… and sure enough – we […]

Women We Love – Unforgettable

She’s the shadow on a subway, whisper at the park, and delectable scent in line at the grocery store. She’s your boss, teacher and girl next door. She’s the women every man wants – because quite simply… she’s unforgettable.

16 Naughty Facts About Sex

Sex may be a natural act, but it is certainly mystified by a lot of the unknown. Such as, do most women really think the average manhood is too small? Which is faster between your sperm and a 2016 Mustang GT? How many Macbook Pro Laptops would it take to transfer enough data to make […]

4 Career Challenges You Shouldn’t Be Afraid Of

Every person will face numerous challenges during his or her professional career. You could either see these challenges as hurdles to conquer – or problems to shy away from. Deciding to work through these challenges, rather than backing away from them out of fear, will help you meet your personal and financial goals. Here are four of […]

Stylish Fall/Winter 2015 Boasts Furs, Neo-Seventies and Bordeaux

Summer’s all gone and while you may be missing the warm sun on your back, let’s face it: you’re quite enthusiastic about this fall season’s trends. So don’t let the harsher weather bring you down, but rather turn your attention to the major trends for the Fall/Winter 2015 season and incorporate those elements into your […]

8 Hottest Instagram Accounts You Should Follow

We use to think that Instagram was boring. I mean, who wants to see the visual representation of the typical person’s daily life? Not us. And then we started following the lives of these women, and suddenly our perspective changed. And you’ll see why soon enough, starting with: Cindy Prado She is beautiful and funny […]

Women We Love – Jeans and Denim Divas

Women spend a lot of time squeezing into their favorite pair of jeans. And once they get them on… us men just want to take them back off. But as they say – it is not the end to every journey that is the most memorable, but rather the anticipation and work in getting there. […]

When She Borrows Your Clothes

I personally know several guys that get kind of irritated when their girl steals their clothes and wear them around the house. The only thing I can say about this is their girlfriend’s don’t look like these women – otherwise I don’t think they’d mind.

Fitness Model Laci Kay Somers on Strong Women, Weak Men and Everything In Between

It can be a tough life for a fitness model/actress. They have to make time for photo shoots, auditions, training, filming and social media… To tell you the truth, we don’t know how they find the time for all that in one day. It is a good thing that for us fans of fitness models, […]