8 Women Every Man Should Date Once

7 Women Every Man Should Date

There are seven wonderfully wicked women that every man should date at least once in his lifetime. This is so that he can decide the kind of woman he may want to eventually settle down with. And to tell you the truth, these women each have their own good points that will make the entire experience completely enjoyable.

Look, touch, tease, and take your time with each one of these ladies, gentlemen–because there are over seven species of fish in the big sea, which means there is plenty of time for seconds or thirds.

1. Loose Leanne

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Loose Leanne absolutely loves to have sex. In fact, she almost never seems to be satiated. It doesn’t matter if it is morning, afternoon, or early evening, because she will always be ready for action. While the general consensus among men is that these women are not always the best choice to bring home to mom. However, studies show relationships based on strong sexual chemistry are often the happiest and most fulfilling. Yeah, I think most of us guys can see why.

2. Lucky Lucy

Lucky Lucy rarely makes plans in her life. However, things always seem to work out for her. It is her confidence that helps to push her beyond her comfort zone and make great things happen. Considering that life has been relatively easy, Lucy is usually a fun gal to hang around. Stress is not a big factor in her life, as she rarely feels as if things are not under her control. She just enjoys dating various guys who capture her attention, and while she may not be the most organized or faithful, she is most certainly a fun girl to know.

3. Merry Mary

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Merry Mary is an easy going and low maintenance woman. She is the kind of girl a guy can relax and be himself with. No matter where you take her, she will be down for the adventure, and offer up little complaints. Mary maintains a good balance between work and personal life, which means she is easily amused and does not have any particular expectations from a guy. The lucky man who finds himself with Mary can probably add at least thirty years onto his life expectancy.

4. Dorothy Downer

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Dorothy Downer doesn’t know how to be happy. She is perpetually in a state of sickness and unhappiness, and she uses such drama to get attention from her guy. She may occasionally be clingy, needy, and high maintenance. However, because she is so desperate to please, the sex with her can be amazing. It is hard to succeed in a relationship with Dorothy, as she will always find fault in you. However, as long as you strap yourself in and are prepared for the up and down motion of her roller coaster, she can make for one heck of a fun, short-term, bumpy ride.

5. Go-To Georgina

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Go-to Georgina is one woman that every man can count on. This is because she puts others before herself, and is very generous with her time–almost to a fault. Georgina likes to stay busy, filling her time with activities from dusk to dawn. She doesn’t have any particular goal (or finish line) in mind, so there is never a point where she feels that she can just sit down and relax. For this reason, she is a great place to visit–although most of us would not want to live with her.

6. Tenacious Tabatha

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Tenacious Tabatha is like Georgina, except she has very clear goals driving her tenacity. The typical progression for Tabatha is career, financial freedom, house, relationship, and sometimes kids. She can put a lot of stress on her relationships, because she is so set on reaching each one of her goals, that she leaves little room for alternatives. Tabatha most always gets the guy she is after, which isn’t always so bad, considering that her tenacity and honesty means that she’ll stay faithful and true.

7. Jane Dough

Jane Dough is a Tenacious Tabatha who has made it to the top. She may not have accomplished every goal in her life, but has made up for it with a stellar career. Men are often afraid of Jane Dough, because they are easily intimidated by her success and wealth. It usually takes a confident man to feel comfortable enough to date Jane, and while some guys may say a successful women has little time for a relationship, she is actually very good at prioritizing her life to make time. If you’re tired of cheeseburgers and a movie, Jane is just the girl to shake things up.

8. Free Spirit Fran

As the song goes… “she’s a very sexy girl, the kind you can’t take home to mama…” would best sum up this type of lady. She might be tempting, but she’s often not relationship material, being flakey and a bit of a head case at times. But her heart is often in the right place, even if her head isn’t.

About Doc Hollandaise

Lover, fighter, and bona fide sex expert.

About Doc Hollandaise

Lover, fighter, and bona fide sex expert.