Women We Love – Katya Elise Henry

Once in a while, it’s love at first site, and Katya Elise Henry  is one of those moments. Between the thousands of squats and lunges she must of performed, it may come as no surprise that’s she’s also a fitness model from Miami.

Irina Voronina Tells Us Like it is – Russian Women, Sex Tips and Pranks

We like an intelligent, funny woman… and we like her more when she puts us in our place for getting a little out of line. We had the opportunity to ask model/actress Irina Voronina anything we wanted – and well, we may have got a little too “strange” for our own good. This is an […]

Women We Love – Susanna Canzian

When we came across Susanna Canzian, we were in awe. Her beauty, curves and proportions have us believe she could have a great future, like an SI Swimsuit model, or perhaps Victoria’s Secret. Either way, we know Susanna Canzian has a big future and look forward to seeing more of her. For even more of Susanna Canzian be […]

Women We Love – Sinful Elegance

She’ll catch your eye and give you a gaze that won’t be forgotten. Her allure makes your heart race, and she knows it. She toys with you, and you’re putty in her hands. Her sinful elegance is all you know in the moment. Move too slow, and she’ll disappear forever.    

Women We Love – Iris Kavka

If you ever believed in love at first site, then Slovenian model Iris Kavka might be proof. We had never heard of miss Kavka, but are now fans for obvious reasons. Her big break (so far) looks to have been when lingerie brand Incanto chose to do a shoot with the beautiful Iris Kavka on Lake Como in Italy. […]

Inside Look at Treats! Magazine’s Annual White Party

We’re fans of Treats! Magazine and their editor and founder, Steve Shaw, and we’ve been curious about what goes on behind the doors at one of their Malibu beach parties. This year the rules were quite simple: One, wear white. Two, drink Stella Artois, and three, how much white you wear is negotiable if the other […]

What The Most Beautiful Woman Would Look Like (According To Science)

There’s been a lot of argument over who the most beautiful woman is. And it wouldn’t be 2016 if some super computer didn’t get to have a say in all this. The way it went down – is a plastic surgeon by the name of Julian De Silva, researched the most beautiful features of a woman’s […]

Women We Love – Queen of the Hand Bra

There’s something about the hand bra that leaves some guys speechless, and in our quest for the queen of the hand bra, we fell victim as well. It wasn’t easy, but our Queen of the Hand Bra goes to Abigail Ratchford. She certainly earns the title, and had lots of strong competition that made it a tough choice […]

Women We Love – Out Of Your League

She is sexy, confident, sassy, sophisticated, curious, mysterious, curvaceous, silky and glamorous. She may even be a little out of your league, but only if you allow it. A truly spectacular woman is not easy to come by. But if you do happen to discover one during your daily travels, there are three rules you […]

Women We Love – Adrienn Levai

The mesmerizing Adrienn Levai is not only easy on the eyes, she’s a former playmate and international model. And there is something rather special about a woman who travels the world in search of beauty and glamour… She eventually finds it.