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We like an intelligent, funny woman… and we like her more when she puts us in our place for getting a little out of line. We had the opportunity to ask model/actress Irina Voronina anything we wanted – and well, we may have got a little too “strange” for our own good.

This is an example of how NOT to chat with a beautiful Playboy Playmate.


Urbasm: Hi Irina, what do you have coming up for 2017?

Irina Voronina: Same stuff, working on my comedy, filming some funny videos, and a few parts in the movies – doing my cooking show on Busker, creating content for my social media.

Urbasm: All good stuff. We saw that you did an improv show in Ontario last summer. What was your best joke?

Irina Voronina: Why Ontario in particular?

Urbasm: It was a great show.

Irina Voronina: I’ve done ten shows since (laughs). It’s hard to describe the jokes.

Urbasm: Yeah, you’ve kind of got to be there.

Irina Voronina: They all worked great.

Urbasm: Do you ever get heckled at a show? How do you handle it?

Irina Voronina: I don’t get heckled during the shows.

Urbasm: That’s good. Is there a particular outfit that makes you feel sexy when you are either home or out on the town?

Irina Voronina: Oh geez.

Urbasm: Can you describe it for us, please?

Irina Voronina: I’ll have to skip this one.

Urbasm: I don’t know how that question got in there. Okay, do you have any hidden talents that most men would never know?

Irina Voronina: I am very good with Photoshop and Premiere. I edit my own photos and videos.

Urbasm: You also talk a great game when it comes to Russian women, and now we love them even more. We’ve heard that Russian women are some of the most beautiful and intelligent in the world because they have to overcome the gap of having far fewer available men to date… is this true?

Irina Voronina: Not sure how the lack of males makes women more beautiful… or smart?

Urbasm: Darwinism… survival of the most beautiful?

Irina Voronina: Lack of logic here.

Urbasm: Okay, what is the craziest thing that you’ve ever done in the nude?

Irina Voronina: Ewww.

Urbasm: What are a few of your naughtiest habits? You know, things that you know you shouldn’t do, but you do them anyway because you love them too much.

Irina Voronina: If you expect me to answer: ” I love being naked all the time and showing off my naked body to strangers… ” You are wrong.

Urbasm: Our apologies, we did not mean it like that at all. In your opinion, what are the five types of women that every man should date at least once?

Irina Voronina: It’s hard to put women in categories, yet it’s important for a guy to date some basket cases, so he can actually appreciate when a good woman comes along!

Urbasm: We couldn’t agree more. So what are a few of the biggest first date mistakes that most guys never seem to get right?

Irina Voronina: Shave, shower, use deodorant, brush your teeth, take care of your feet.

Urbasm: Okay, so us guys are lacking in the hygiene preparation department. That’s not good. So if a guy gets past the hygiene test and makes it into the bedroom, what are your top 10 sex tips for him? They can be quick and ‘dirty’ if you like.

Irina Voronina: Don’t try to impress your woman in bed. Be yourself and you’ll be fine.

Urbasm: Easy enough. We are fans of your Bunny vlog. You’ve accomplished some great pranks on there. What would you say has been your worst and possibly most embarrassing mishap?

Irina Voronina: I would not put out a mishap obviously.

Urbasm: But those can be pretty funny. Then what would you say has been your greatest prank you’ve ever successfully pulled off, period?

Irina Voronina: I like our ‘Lyft Driver’ pranks!

Urbasm: Yeah, those are funny! And we’d like to close with some final advice for us guys.

What are the three things that every guy should know to be a better man, according to you?

Irina Voronina: Be honest, respectful, and mature.

Urbasm: We can certainly work on those. Thank you, Irina.

Irina Voronina: Some questions were a bit… strange.

Urbasm: We blame our resident writer, Max Green, for that. But we hope you can forgive us and learn to love us anyway.

Irina Voronina: …


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