Manly Distractions – Sexy Pickup Lines

A woman is drawn to a man who is so taken in by her beauty, it encourages him to say and do things he might not normally do. She prefers a mysterious gentlemen who is humble, respectful, and yet not afraid to express his true feelings when the occasion calls for it. And trust me, […]

Are you Playing the Dating Game on Hard Mode?

I’m going to let you in on a secret the “pickup artist” gurus don’t want to let you in on. And I guarantee, it flies in the face of almost everything else you seen or read about. Especially if you’re a fan of Neil Strauss and The Game. Ready for it? Nightclubs, bars and organized […]

Picking Up Women With Ridiculous Pickup Lines

Do you really need to be a smooth operator to pickup women? According to the guys at Simple Pickup, when they use ridiculous pickup lines: Sometimes we get rejected…   Sometimes.” Via Simple Pickup

Picking Up Girls on a Subway

Dave and Ethan are two dating coaches who like to put their dating techniques to the test in real life situations. And just like all pros, their success is not always imminent. Let’s watch D & E as they take their game to the subway:

Dating Truths – Dealing with Needy Women

Over the past couple of weeks, the media has highlighted the end of the relationship between Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas citing that the relationship ended due to Cressida’s “needy” behavior. I’m hear to tell you that there really is no such thing as “needy,” only unmet needs. Hearing men call the woman they are […]

Zan Perrion’s Three Things Every Player Should Know

Zan Perrion is what you’d call a romance artist, as his technique comes from the core of what all women want. He does not preach any gimmicks to seduce women, as his natural gift is his appreciation and insight in their desires. In other words, a true player is not in the game to hurt women, […]

How to Be Naked And Pick Up On Women

We had never thought of it before, but maybe the quickest way to getting women in the sack, is to get yourself halfway there before you even make the first approach. Let’s see how Freddy Fairhair fairs, as he tries to pick up on various women while absolutely naked.

12 Days of X-Mas – 3 Tips to Pickup More Women

The holidays are statistically one of the loneliest times of the year. However, it doesn’t have to be that way, and here are three tips to become a more successful with women this holiday. 1. Play the Numbers Game– For every two women that approach a guy, at least one of them will walk away […]

6 Tips to Approaching Women at a Bar or Club

Let’s be real, no guy wants to be labeled as “weird” or “awkward” by a girl he goes to hit on. However, there are little things you can do within the first moments of seeing and meeting a girl that make all the difference in how she perceives you. Here are a couple of helpful tips to make […]

Can a Supercar Help You Pick Up a Girl?

These videos helped answer a question that we have been pondering since our first Lamborghini Countach poster in our gym locker. Yeah, you know the one, with the half naked cooed draped across the hood like a wet noodle on a chopstick. The question is, can a supercar help you pick up a girl? They […]