Picking Up Women With Too Much Honesty

Picking Up Women With Pure Honesty

Men get a lot of mixed signals from social media. Should they be truthful in order to foster healthy relationships, or tell white lies in order to make people feel better about themselves? How about the basic pickup situation—is it better to tell the truth or lie to a woman?

You’re really pretty and I don’t know what to do about it.”

“I looked at you for a looong time before I came over here.”

“I am interested in having sex with someone tonight.”

According to research, macho men lie because they either want to be respected or get laid, and sensitive men lie because unhappy people upset them too much. The worst liars are the ones who are too afraid to tell a woman how he really feels, and end up hurting her (and himself) more than if he’d just told her the unpleasant truth.

The answer is to be as painfully honest about your intention to women as possible. Let her know that you are nervous, frightened, unconfident, and have absolutely no idea how to maintain a successful relationship. It is within these cries for help that many women will give you sympathy, pity, and possibly even her real number.

Here are a few tips to accomplishing this groundbreaking approach:

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