Ultimate Checklist: What to Bring to a Summer Ball Game

Heading out to the ballpark with the whole family to attend a game? While peanuts and Cracker Jacks may not be on the list of things you plan to pack, here are a few items that you definitely don’t want to forget: 1. Protective Eyewear Eye protection for the entire family is paramount, especially when […]

8 Bathrooms a Man Shouldn’t Live Without

A man’s bathroom often gets downplayed for his game room, kitchen and closet. This is a real shame, considering that a man’s bathroom is the one place he can go to get away from it all. We’re talking about your annoying girlfriend/wife, bad day at the office, and news that your gentleman’s cave is still […]

4 Better Ways to Do Coffee

Coffee offers one of the quickest jolts of energy you can get when you’re feeling sluggish. We’re talking about going from blah to ‘pow’ in about 10-minutes flat. Coffee is also a great source of vitamins and antioxidants, including Potassium, Niacin, Magnesium, Manganese, Riboflavin (Vitamin B2), and Pantothenic Acid (B5). It can boost your metabolism by […]

A Man’s Lounge is a Gentleman’s Man Cave

Every man should own a man cave at some point in his life, and if you have yet to do so, we highly recommend you acquire one soon. However, as in all things, there comes a time in a man’s life when he must put away his childish things. This is usually the point where […]

This is What a Gentleman’s Kitchen Should Look Like

A gentleman enjoys a good meal as much as any man. The biggest difference between a man and a gentleman in the kitchen, is that a gentleman can be an expert chef when inspired to be so. And there is nothing more inspirational than owning the proper atmosphere and tools. For example: And a gentleman […]

Cubicles – Coppin Penthouse with a View

The urban landscape can be very boxy if you allow it to be. The design aspect of height brings the necessity to utilize cubes of space in every apartment or penthouse. But as we have learned in life, if you can’t change something, then you should just accentuate it even more. This Coppin Penthouse, located […]

Cubicles – The Seamless Modern Bachelor Pad

A bachelor pad should be an extension to yourself. Something that flows seamlessly from pool to indoors, room to room and floor to ceiling. This design by Shelly and Avi Osadon of See Construction demonstrates how the cubicle shape can be utilized in every step of a design process. Notice how the large blocks of […]

Through Her Eyes

Photographer Murad Osmann documented his travels in a series called Follow Me where his girlfriend leads the way in a series of photos each taken in a similar fashion, where she steers him through a journey across the globe.

Ultimate Million Dollar Garages

A glass hot tub would look pretty basic without a marble bathroom floor to place it in. A 370-inch Titan Zeus 4K TV would only be half as luxurious without a 2,000 square foot theater room and over 10,000-watts of amplified surround sound to rock it. The same goes for a Bugatti Veyron or Ferrari 458, whose […]

The Royal Dutch Airlines Luxury KLM Bachelor Pad

Joining the mile high club has never been easier, as KLM Royal Dutch Airlines converts one of their retired MD-11 airplanes into a luxury 4,000 square foot, 2-bedroom/3 bed bachelor condo/pad. From November 28-30, 2014 you will have the chance to stay on this lavish airplane, complete with a welcome mat, shrubs, gnome, apt/condo number, […]