How to Transform Your Bachelor Pad for a Romantic Date Night

When you picture a typical bachelor pad, what do you see? Empty craft beer bottles lining the counter and a state-of-the-art flatscreen TV perched on an “entertainment center” made of concrete blocks? A worn-out poster of Bob Marley that barely survived its trip from the dorm room? Truly, a bachelor pad is the kind of […]

Modern Day Bachelor Pads

It is a good thing to uphold the classic beliefs, traits and values of your forefathers. After all, they were the ones who made all the initial mistakes so that you would not need to ever make them again. But just because you believe in following the code of conduct from the gentlemen of yesteryear, doesn’t […]

The Gentleman’s Outdoor Deck – Life of the Party

A man’s connection to the outdoors is pivotal to his happiness and well-being. This is just as much true today as it was centuries ago. The biggest difference is that an urban gentleman is limited by the time he has to travel… and so he may find it easiest to bring the outdoors to him […]

Gentleman Bachelor Pads – First Impression is Everything

Researchers talk a lot about the importance of a gentleman’s first impression. How your pants drape over your leather loafers. How your cuff links peak delicately beyond your sleeve and your aftershave offers a bold spicy aroma, without appearing to try too hard. And must we never forget the importance of pulling up in your driveway […]

Designing A Gentleman’s Kitchen

A man’s kitchen is the central activity room to his home. It is the place where you can count on finding pleasure from all your senses, and is also where a woman is most likely to divulge the honest truth, according to studies. With so much at stake from a single room, you better not get […]

Introducing the Hot Tub Hydro Hammock

We thought we were in heaven when we were introduced to the HotTug Jacuzzi Boat. But as much as we loved it, not all of us live close enough to a large water source to make use of something like that on a regular basis. So we began to wonder… what is something a little […]

Pursuing The Luxury Life? Do These 4 Things Every Day

What do all successful people have in common? It’s a blog title that feels as old as the Internet itself, and the disappointing truth is that there’s no pre-determined set of standards to become a millionaire. If there were, why would anyone achieve anything less? The typical buzzwords float around—driven, determined, hard-working, motivated, etc.—and they’re […]

Motivational Quotes By StartupVitamins – Get Sh*t Done

Ever since we came across the poster “Get Sh*t Done” by StartupVitamins, we’ve been huge fans of their work. So we reached out to them for a sample of their products and found them to be very impressive. Who is StartupVitamins? Well, they are just a group of talented, motivated cool people with an eye for […]

Foldylock Bike Lock – Go Ahead; Ruin a Thief’s Day

The biggest conundrum with bikes and security systems is devising something that is small and convenient enough to use, but strong enough to make the effort worthwhile. This is a common problem for me, who has experienced the frustration of coming back to a missing bike. There are two things we can assume about a […]

Luxury Ecocapsule Home – Off the Grid, Self Sufficient and Ready to Relocate in Minutes

You know what is the problem with most compact luxury homes? They are still too big to travel with at a moments notice. And the problem with most luxury trailer homes is that they are too reliant on the things which make them luxurious, including electricity and water. Sure, they can hold water in a […]