Bachelor Pad 101 – White Walls Are Sexy


We were once led to believe that a white wall was something boring, plain, common and unimaginative. We understood that a white room was somewhat of an empty canvas from which to fill with color-coordinated blocks of red, green, black, yellow and brown to create the appearance of excitement and energy.

And then we began to wonder… What if an empty canvas only needed the addition of lines and subtle accents to create the kind of curiosity that would inspire a man to seek inspiration beyond the box? What if color was just an illusion for those who only wished they could live outside the box (boxes come in many colors, you know)?


The only way to turn a box (colored or not) into anything else, is to break it down into its parts.



To reassemble those parts into an assortment of sexy shapes and dimension, until the only thing they have in common… is organized chaos.



I guess what it all comes down to is…

How would you rather leave your legacy? As the color of the six walls that defined your boundaries, or the chaotic dimension of space and texture that defined the layers of your character?



If you have white walls, human beings look better in a room than if you have red walls.”

-Minoru Yamasaki




Loves bourbon, travel, and spending time with family (in that order).