Motivational Quotes By StartupVitamins – Get Sh*t Done


Ever since we came across the poster “Get Sh*t Done” by StartupVitamins, we’ve been huge fans of their work. So we reached out to them for a sample of their products and found them to be very impressive.

Who is StartupVitamins? Well, they are just a group of talented, motivated cool people with an eye for simplicity and an ear for inspiration.


They are fueling tomorrow’s start-up success stories using some of the best motivational quotes that have ever been spoken or written throughout recent history. And they have immortalized these on thick quality paper, a simple design and one easy to shop, no fuss no muss online retail store.

Here are a few of our favorites that we use for inspiration around the Urbasm headquarters:




Yeah, but posters are big and not very travel-friendly, you say. What if you need the most motivation while you’re on the go?

Well, StartupVitamins has already thought of that.


They also have wall decals and stickers.



life is short do stuff that matters


Books, calendars and other cool stuff.

Nobody is paying us to say this, folks. We just like the philosophy behind StartupVitamins – and if that’s wrong… Well, F*ck it!

Check them out here.

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About Max Green

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