Pursuing The Luxury Life? Do These 4 Things Every Day

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What do all successful people have in common?

It’s a blog title that feels as old as the Internet itself, and the disappointing truth is that there’s no pre-determined set of standards to become a millionaire. If there were, why would anyone achieve anything less? The typical buzzwords float around—driven, determined, hard-working, motivated, etc.—and they’re all nice, but they have little value with no context.

So what do successful people have in common? Some are type A socialites while others are introverts. Some use apps and technology to manage their day-to-day and others rely on a paper organizer to manage tasks. The most successful people in the world do things differently, but they all form good habits—consistent actions that produce results. Here are five ways you can start to develop good habits that could lead to eventual success (or at the very least, a better lifestyle).

1. Know Your “Why”

tim-ferrissFour Hour Work Week” author Tim Ferriss is big on why. The reasons we do something are often more important than the actual decisions we make. Let’s say you want to start a blog. A lot of people would dive in head first before stopping to think why they wanted to do it. Ferriss says the trick is to ask yourself “why” three times:

“Why do you want to start a blog?” I want to build an audience.

“Why do you want to build an audience?” I want to sell ads and make a better income.

“Why do you want to make a better income?” I want to be able to travel the world more.

The questions might seem shallow and obvious on the surface, but simply asking “why” three times helps cut to the root of desires. If you want to start a blog only to travel the world, you might discover there a cheaper, easier ways to see the globe, such as volunteering with an organization overseas.

2. Get Up Early & Make Your Bed

Young man wrapped in blanket on edge of bedAnother obvious suggestion that sounds more like a cliche than good advice. What does an early morning and a made bed accomplish? More than you think. Rising with the sun and fixing your linens is the first step in taking control of your day. People who get up early enough to make breakfast, read, check emails or even do some quick work are primed to be more productive during the day. And making your bed is a habit that shows you’re organized.

Think about your friends that sleep until the last possible minute before work and leave their beds a mess on the way out the door. Are they on their way to becoming executives for major companies or working the same 9-5 for years to come? Make the effort to take back your mornings.

3. Take Pictures & Share Them

photographer“I already use Instagram.”

Forget Instagram. Take pictures with a real camera and share real photo albums. Snapping pics with an iPhone and uploading them to social media requires such little effort that we no longer filter the content we wish to upload.

Find a good point-and-shoot camera (or spring for a DSLR if you want to get into photography) and upload albums with a photo sharing service like Shutterstock. Taking real pictures and putting time into photo albums is a great way to step around for the typical social media grind.

4. Write in a Journal

writingEven the most tech-savvy entrepreneurs keep a pen-and-paper journal to record random thoughts or even keep a diary of their lives. Keeping a journal is a great way to sort out your thoughts and clear your head between work-related tasks. It’s also great for the more private thoughts that aren’t for blogs or social media. Get yourself a quality journal, such as a Moleskine, so your thoughts are going into a book you can enjoy years later.


This is a post by Jim Burch: “Born and raised near St. Louis, I developed an obsession for baseball and the Cardinals. College days brought me south to Kentucky where I studied creative writing and journalism while working as an editor for the Murray State News. These days, I write diverse and sexy copy and hone my physical prowess at my CrossFit gym in Chandler, AZ. My specialties range from movies and television to consumer technology to health and fitness.”