Biometric Fingerprint Vault Smartphone Docking Station

If you’ve ever sat awake at night wondering what must sit on James Bond’s nightstand, beyond a pair of panties and Walther PPQ… we’ve got one very good possibility for you. It is called the Radio Vault Safe, designed by GunVault. What you are looking at is a fingerprint vault combined with a smartphone dock […]

2 Weekend Bags by Moore and Giles

We’ve talked about man bags and murse’s before. However, sometimes a man needs a bit more room for all his stuff. We’re not talking about this much room… How about something more manageable, like a classic weekend duffel. Whether your destination is the Alaskan mountains or the beaches of Key West, most men choose to […]

Luxury Watches Under $400

You won’t normally come across a luxury watch for under $400. However, Citizen and Tissot are two of our favorite brands that consistently put out high quality time pieces at a fraction of the cost you’d expect to pay. Citizen Men’s World Perpetual A-T Watch Citizen claims this to be one of the most accurate […]

Aston Martin V12 Vantage S Vs. Vanquish Volante

If we were given the choice between an Aston Martin Vantage S and a Vanquish Volante, we’d begin by carefully weighing all the pros and cons. Since traffic tickets are something we try to avoid, both the Vantage S and Vanquish Volante would receive a con, considering their 6.0-liter V-12 powerplants, each punch out about […]

Apple Unveils the New Mac Pro

Looking more like a nuclear reactor than a desktop, the new Apple Mac Pro teased onlookers at the Worldwide Developers Conference. “Can’t innovate anymore, my ass,” said Phil Schiller, the senior vice president of worldwide marketing. With its sleek 9.9-inch cylinder case removed, we can see that it has a triangular shaped inner chassis housing […]

Seven Wonders of the Modern World

There are the original, seven wonders of the world… and then there are these seven “man-made” structures that have captured the spirit of the modern world. The Channel Tunnel Location: The English Channel (Between France and England) Completed in 1994, the “Chunnel,” as it is sometimes referred is a 31 mile long rail tunnel that […]

5 Cars You Should Drive, But Probably Won’t

Your mom (and grandpa) have a lot of advice for keeping a splinter from getting infected, a BB pellet out of your eyeball, and your underwear (reasonably) clean. The problem is, most of this good advice goes in one ear, and then finds some inappropriate place to come back out. Today, we are going to […]

Power Flask by Digital Treasures

It’s tough being a man these days. You have hundreds of emasculating gadgets, like the i-arm, and only so many ways to disguise them. Well, here is one. A man may need a little “pick me up” from time to time, but so does his gadgets. Why not mix the two with a portable gadget […]

Atomic Powered Pre-Amplifier for Your Home Theater

The word “atomic” brings visions of mushroom clouds, mass devastation, and now, a pre-amp that sounds as if it could blow the underwear off your date. Unfortunately (and fortunately), this pre-amp is not really nuclear powered, hence, the missing yellow warning label. The Rubicon rubidium-powered atomic pre-amp has been designed with a rubidium atomic clock, so that […]

Tattoos that ‘Ring’ with Your Smartphone

The cell phone company, Nokia, has invented a technology that allows a tattoo to ‘ring’ (more like a tingle or itch) whenever someone calls or sends a notification. The technology involves magnetized tattoo ink, which means your existing tatt probably won’t work, unless you add onto it with some of the magnetized stuff. The ink works in conjunction with your […]