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A watch is one of a man’s greatest fashion statements he can make to other men. It may only come second to owning one of this century’s 10 greatest cars, vintage classics, or most coveted convertibles. But wait one minute here, what about making a statement that speaks fashion to the world – including women, your ex (eh, forget about her), and probably even ancient aliens.

The men’s bracelet has a long fashion history. Beginning with plant fiber, teeth, and bone, man eventually grew his tastes to prefer leather, gold, silver, titanium, beaded bracelets, and jewels.

Pirates used to adorn their necks and wrists with pricey accessories in the case their body was washed ashore, they could be given a proper burial (assuming the person who found them was honest). Today, the same thinking might get you a first date with a popular Instagram model, a pat on the back by your boss, or entrance to a VIP lounge.

You just never know how far style and a proper fashion statement can take you. So, let’s set sail on that voyage:

Chan Luu

A touch of color is key to designing a stylish piece by Chan Luu. These bracelets feature an eclectic mix of stone, sterling, and opelon. They have the fit and finish of a cocktail lounge conversation piece and the laid back essence of only requiring your wrist (shirt optional) and a lazy day at the beach.

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Stainless steel and leather go together like whip cream and bare skin. Come to think about it, all four of these combine to equal the most fun, but let’s get back to this bracelet by Montblanc. This designer is a master at creating sophistication into simplicity. First, they wove together some high-quality black hide and then secured it to a stainless clasp that brings a bit of intrigue to the table. This is the result of successfully meshing high tech machining with mother nature’s finest.

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Blackjack Jewelry

Black onyx, black stainless steel, and black cubic zirconia highlight many of the bracelets from the house of Blackjack Jewelry. The accents and crafting of these create a very bold ‘understatement’ to the man in black or a muffled cosmic boom to the man wearing mostly white.

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David Yurman

We had no idea that one man could be behind the design of so many bracelets for men. David Yurman is a master mixologist of materials and in the above sterling chain-link bracelet that becomes clear to the tune of 3.11 carats of black diamonds. Simplicity has never been orchestrated (or highlighted) better.

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Thomas Sabo

Sabo is a name behind a lot of intriguing watch designs, so it comes at no surprise that he also has an eye for bracelets. A bit of leather mixed with studded charm accessories has the ability to add attitude to just about anything you plan to bring to the table. Might we suggest a grey button-down and a pair of well-worn denim jeans? But honestly, you can’t go wrong.

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Here we go again with another designer who has perfected the simple, yet complex, leather strap for men. Ah, but Miansai is also known for its sterling silver, stainless steel, Rhodium, Trice, basic rope, and multi-layering – so all is forgiven. Layered Italian leather and metallic highlights finish off the above piece with just the right amount of sophistication to carry itself from the beach to the boardroom, then back to your balcony for some drinks.

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Tribal Hollywood

Leather and lace make a sexy combination in the bedroom, but in the urban war zone, a man needs leather, lava, stainless steel, and lots of skulls. The Necropolis bracelet (shown above) is a not so subtle way to add a bit of ‘edginess’ to any ensemble you’re putting together. Yeah, we already know that you’re ‘bad’… Tribal Hollywood just gives you the chance to show it.

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John Hardy

The classic chain bracelet symbolizes complexity, character, and power. It also symbolizes unity, community, and camaraderie, but we mostly think it looks fantastic on the wrist of a man who has the confidence to carry off a statement piece this bold. This one is made of 11mm of solid Sterling Silver and features a unique clasp that is both subtle and dramatic.

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Bottega Veneta

A wine cellar is just a cellar without wine, and leather is just rawhide until it has been upgraded to Nappa, double-stranded by an artist’s steady hand, and given brunito accents to ensure a fit and finish worthy of an iconic fashion statement. This Nero Intrecciato Nappa bracelet is a perfect example of why ‘keeping it simple’ has become a catchphrase among the cool and collected.

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If you can get in on this “Gold Lion Stack” bracelet during a time when they are not on backorder – consider yourself lucky. But there are some very good reasons why this beaded bracelet is so popular, including onyx stone, black CZ, 14k gold clasp, and a one of a kind presentation. We love Zoratta.

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There is not a finer designer in the world than mother nature herself, and Tateossian is counting on that with this Astroid Ruthenium Silver Lapis Tigers Eye Bracelet. Using lava stone to build off its astroid theme, Tateossian mixes in one ruthenium-plated sterling silver bead to create a bracelet that definitely stands out in a room.

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Caputo & Co.

Men’s bracelet designers like to combine leather and shiny metal for a rugged yet classy presentation. Caputo & Co. have taken that same idea, ignored our fascination for shiny things, and instead blended hand-knotted waxed nylon with copper-plated brass hardware. This is the look for the better man who prefers to seek out his adventure from the forbidden path.

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John Hardy

Does a man’s bracelet need to be bold and chunky to be masculine? We asked John Hardy, who was unavailable for questions, but instead pointed us in the direction of this Classic Chain Pull Through with sterling silver and red coral. Each bead on this bracelet is only 3mm in diameter, yet it has been one of the most powerful, dramatic, and iconic designs for the last 45 years. So, we’ll consider that answer a no.

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Scott Kay

In its simplest form, fashion is the art of balancing the cosmic interplay of colors, materials, and hard and smooth surfaces. This Black Onyx and Red Shell Pearl Bracelet is a great example of how this is done using a meshing of polished Onyx competing for attention against some highly polished red pearl. The competition gets so fierce, some stamped 925 Sterling Silver is brought in to keep the peace between these two bold materials. Welcome to the artistry of Scott Kay.

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Mister Amber

We prefer our amber bracelets like we prefer our Cognac – which in the case of Cognac is natural, authentic, and distilled in a copper pot before being aged for a minimum of two years in a French oak barrel. In order to achieve the same brilliant glow with an amber bracelet, it requires a bit more time to age to marbled perfection. About 34 million years. Yes, this piece should earn some respect with that much diligence and patience.

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