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Inside Look at the Treats! Magazine Halloween Party

What does Elle Evans, Joanna Krupa, Rachel Roberts, Tara Reid, Sophie Simmons, Leonardo Dicaprio, Gerard Butler, DJ Khaled, and Absolut Elyx all have in common? Well, besides being some pretty interesting company (and a few of our favorite interviews), they were also attendees at this year’s 6th annual Treats! Magazine Halloween party at the Elks Lodge […]

Black and Gold Tape Bikinis

If you recall the black tape bikinis, then you’ll love the retake on it with gold. The idea of black electrical tape for bikinis originated via The Black Tape Project. In their words, it’s described as “a fashion experiment which attempts to creatively display the sensual nature of the human form as it vacillates between […]

Intelligent Art for a Gentleman’s Walls

Art can mean a little something different to every man. But the one thing we can all agree on is the value of earned knowledge. Knowledge is the foundation of every man’s legacy, and is therefore also very appropriate and classy when displayed on a gentleman’s walls. The Pop Chart Lab can visually appreciate the beauty […]

Favorite Fall Sunglasses – SPY Malcolm and Whistler

When we think of Fall, we think of a cool ambiance, bright colors, and accentuating these with a pair of SPY Happy Lens Sunnies. Last month we were introduced to two new designs by SPY, and we absolutely love their cool retro styling, light frames, and vibrant lenses. And to demonstrate this love, we found […]

Women We Love – Instagram Angels

Every couple weeks the pearly gates kick out another couple dozen angels and they land gracefully on Instagram wearing some sexy lingerie or a skimpy bikini. But it’s not as if they’ve done anything bad. They’re simply here to revive our belief that angels really do exist. And even if they didn’t… we’d still say these […]

Antje Utgaard on Men, Kate Upton, and the Story Behind Her Name

Being called the next Kate Upton is only the cherry on top of the woman we know as Antje Utgaard. She is a small town girl with big time curves and is working towards a cover for Sports Illustrated and a lead role in a television series. But you probably already guessed that. What you […]

Atkins LIFT Protein Bars and Drinks – Less is More

To build a great body, I train by the motto – more is more. But when it comes to fueling it, I have learned that sometimes less is best. I’m not talking about calories, of course, because your body needs a lot of them to maintain your energy and recovery. What I’m talking about is […]

4 of the Most Livable Vacation Destinations 

What makes a city great? Is it the sights and attractions? How about its people? Maybe it’s the city’s affordable housing and safe communities. Some of the best tourism destinations across the globe are actually great places to live. Here are four of the most livable vacation destinations. Vancouver, British Columbia The consulting firm Mercer […]

Women We Love – Vixens

A man’s greatest weakness is probably women, and let’s face it, some women are insanely hot. And while most guys are looking for ‘wife material’ there’s no denying that hot women like these ladies are capable of getting us to do just about anything.   Also see: Queen of the Hand Bra Abigail Ratchford – […]

Women We Love – Svetlana Bilyalova

You might say From Russia With Love, because Svetlana (Sveta) Bilyalova is a model from Moscow, and (surprisingly) she is new to modelling. Well, she seems to be a quick learner and we look forward to seeing more of her. She’s also a hit on social media and has millions of instagram followers. You can check […]