4 of the Most Livable Vacation Destinations 

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What makes a city great? Is it the sights and attractions? How about its people? Maybe it’s the city’s affordable housing and safe communities. Some of the best tourism destinations across the globe are actually great places to live. Here are four of the most livable vacation destinations.

Vancouver, British Columbia

The consulting firm Mercer ranked this city within the Top 10 for its quality of life. In fact, Vancouver, BC was the only North American city to make an appearance in the Top 10. The city’s ranking is vital when it comes to attracting new businesses and corporations to the area. Additionally, Vancouver’s social benefits, stable political environment, and overall safeness also make is desirable, despite its housing prices, as the market in this region is red hot right now. So, if you’re looking to expand your business to a city filled with sights to see and things to do, and you’ve been saving up to buy a house, you may want to consider Vancouver.

New York City, New York

Positioned on the Hudson River and nearby the Atlantic Ocean, New York City, New York, is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the United States — and the world. Home to tourism sites like the Empire State Building, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Central Park and the Statue of Liberty, over 50 million tourists from around the globe visit The Big Apple each year, the New York Time reports. Housing here is limited when it comes to space, as many top companies have their headquarters in the city. While you may be prepared to make adjustments, like downsizing on living space and taking the subway, be prepared to deal with pests, too. Like any metropolitan city, New York struggles with pests, like bed bugs for example. And while the city is at the top of a pest control bed bug city list, this shouldn’t deter you from making the move — as pests can be prevented with the help of a professional.

Melbourne, Australia

The most populous city in Australia is home to a handful of universities, national parks, museums and galleries, sports teams, shopping destinations and great places to grab a bite to each, which are all big draws for tourism. But this city, like others on the list, is also one of the most livable destinations in the world. This year, The Economist Intelligence Unit’s Global Liveability Ranking awarded Melbourne with the No. 1 spot. But it’s not the first year this Australian city has earned the top spot — this is Melbourne’s sixth consecutive year at the top, Trip Advisor says. Melbourne transplants say that moving to this city was one of the best decisions they’ve made and that the city just exceeds expectations when it comes to art, diversity of its residents and even nightlife. If you can hang with being on a schedule that’s about 24-hours ahead of your friends and family in the states, this place is for you.

Vienna, Austria

Named the World’s Top City for Quality of Life by the Mercer Quality of Life Study, the capital city of Austria has a lot to offer for both travelers and those seeking a more permanent stay. Here, you can find high-quality, affordable housing options, safe streets and communities and terrific public transportation. The German-speaking city is a lively area full of fun, and, according to the World Bank, Vienna has one of the highest figures per person GDP in the world. However, you might need to make some small adjustments before moving here, like learning new languages to navigate the job market, as well as the city, effectively.

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