Antje Utgaard on Men, Kate Upton, and the Story Behind Her Name

Antje Utgaard

Being called the next Kate Upton is only the cherry on top of the woman we know as Antje Utgaard. She is a small town girl with big time curves and is working towards a cover for Sports Illustrated and a lead role in a television series. But you probably already guessed that.

What you may not know is that she is also a trained drama and comedic actress, prefers goofy men, and her birth given initials were purposely orchestrated to stand for the chemical symbol of gold (AU). You see, there is so much more to Antje than you know, and we recently discovered this during an intimate encounter with her at the Urbasm studios.

And this is the part where things get a lot more interesting…

Urbasm: Hi Antje, what are you up to for the rest of the year? Or better yet, what is the most ambitious thing on your bucket list?

Antje Utgaard: Hello! The rest of the year I am prepping myself for the beginning of next year and pilot season, which happens mostly in the month of January. I’m really taking time to study the art of acting and taking classes to learn as much as I can before this winter. I am also working on getting in the best shape I’ve ever been in and really focusing on my body; which will be extremely hard since it’s the holiday season and there are a million of events I have to attend, making it challenging to have a daily routine. Lastly, I’m really pushing (organically) to get my social media platforms, particularly Instagram, up into the millions by sometime this winter. All of these goals with help me in achieving my main goal which is to land a role in a tv series or in a major film. I would also love to do some more modeling and be in a magazine like Sports Illustrated and possibly land a cover somewhere down the line.

Antje Utgaard - beautiful model

Urbasm: We think you’re going to make a great Next Kate Upton – possibly even better, but don’t tell her we said that. What will you bring to the role that will set you apart from those you’re being compared to?

Antje Utgaard - Kate Upton

Antje Utgaard: I love that I have been given the title as “the next Kate Upton,” because I’ve been such a big fan of hers since day one; but I hope to be a bigger name  in the acting community than in the modeling community. I’m looking to take the “next Kate Upton” title to the next level and combine my image and talents with great comedic and dramatic actresses such as Sophia Vergara, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Aniston, and Blake Lively.

Urbasm: What legacy would you like to leave behind in both your life and career?

Antje Utgaard: I would like to leave behind a sense of hope for others so they can know that anything is possible if they put their minds to it and chase your dreams. It never hurts to try, if you don’t, you’ll always think “what if.” So do what you love and want to do…don’t let others decide for you. Always think, “why not me,” why can’t you be what you want to be and if you have this mentality then you’ll be unstoppable.

Urbasm: What is something that would surprise most men to know about the off-camera Antje?

Antje Utgaard: Something that would surprise most men is that off-camera I’m very goofy and have a lot of energy so although you may just see sexy on camera, just know most of the shots the photographer is probably getting that you don’t get to see, is me giggling and smiling the majority of the time.

Antje Utgaard tub

Urbasm: We love your birth given name (blush). And we know it means grace, but is there a story behind the decision to call you that?

Antje Utgaard: Yes. When my mom was pregnant with me, she had a foreign exchange student from Germany staying with her and my dad. Her name was Antje and my mom loved the name and her, so they named me after her. Also, I had to have a name that started with an A because all my full siblings (all girls) have names that start with A’s so all our initials could be AU, which is the chemical symbol for Gold. So growing up we were known as the “Golden Girls.”

Urbasm: That is cool. Okay, let’s say that your creativity was limitless, what would your ultimate photo shoot look like?

Antje Utgaard: My ultimate photo shoot would be one on a tropical island in a bikini surrounded by wild exotic animals and getting some scary but sexy next level shots. Anything unique and different I am open to.

Urbasm: We like to use our imaginations, but what really goes through your mind when you’re doing a sexy photo shoot?

Antje Utgaard: What goes through my head at a photo shoot is making sure I position myself properly and still making sure it looks as natural as possible. I also have to make sure I’m having fun but also staying calm and focused and that I’m giving off the vibe I want to come off as having to make sure the picture tells a story. Then, of course, I think about my sexy appeal and what can I do that would satisfy my followers the most. I think like a guy and think about what they’d like to see and I let my imagination run free so theirs can as well.

Antje-Utgaard - model

Urbasm: Wow, it is like you can read our minds! Have you ever had a guy try to pick you up while at a shoot?

Antje Utgaard: Yes, I have…more than once.

Urbasm: How did it go for them?

Antje Utgaard: I’ve had photographers try to pick me up and the owners of the establishments and houses I’ve shot at. None of the people who have tried to pick me up while I’m on set has worked for them. I find it kind of creepy. It’s okay to flirt a little since naturally, that’s something we all do, but when you come on to me when I’m working too strong and too fast, I’ll gladly shut you down. I like to have fun and be goofy on set but also stay professional at the same time!

Urbasm: Then you probably don’t think work is a good place for guys to meet women?

Antje Utgaard: I think work can be a good place to meet women, it’s just about how you go about it.

Urbasm: Agree. What is your best suggestion to succeed with this approach?

Antje Utgaard: Keep it simple and sweet, then maybe a date will come out of it.

Urbasm: What do you especially find attractive about a man besides his looks? Are there any big turn-offs for you?

Antje Utgaard: Besides looks, I find a man attractive when he’s funny, confident, a gentleman and is ambitious and determined to achieve great things in life. Big turn offs would be a guy who has nothing going for them, is lazy and can’t take care of themselves, a guy who has no manners and is rude to others and lastly, someone who has bad personal hygiene.

Abigail Ratchford, Rosie Roff, Antje Utgaard

In photo: Abigail Ratchford, Rosie Roff, and Antje Utgaard



Urbasm: In your opinion, what are the three things that every man should know in order to become a better man?

Antje Utgaard: 1. Don’t let chivalry die. Open doors for women, even their car door. 2. Be spontaneous and always keep the element of surprise. Surprise your girl with flowers at her work just because. It’s the little sweet gestures that a man does randomly that girls love the most. 3. Have a sense of humor! Don’t be scared to be goofy and make a fool out of yourself in public. I think that’s the sexiest thing a guy can be is confident and comfortable in their own skin by just being themselves.

Urbasm: We totally agree. Can we keep you?

Antje Utgaard: (silence)

Urbasm: Thank you, Antje, it has been a pleasure to speak with you!




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About Dr. Eric J. Leech

Eric has written for over a decade. Then one day he created, a site for every guy.

About Dr. Eric J. Leech

Eric has written for over a decade. Then one day he created, a site for every guy.