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House of Marley Wants You to Chant and Roar

We’re fans of the House of Marley product line, and earlier this summer the team released a few more premium speakers to fill any of the ‘silent’ voids you might be experiencing in your life. Chant (Bluetooth) The Chant is a miniature Bluetooth speaker that packs a decent punch from its 1.5” driver and sturdy […]

Detroit Grooming Beard Oil – Your Beard Will Thank You; Your Lady Will Too

Detroit is known for a lot of things, including their auto show, Motown and hockey. And now they can add one more thing to their list—beard oil. And not just any beard oil, but the kind of old world recipe that brings a man back to a simpler time when a beard was a status […]

The Roundup – Be Your Best Self

Part of investing in your best self… is trusting more than just yourself. We all need a high authority to believe in. Here are a few of the leading ‘authorities’ we get much of our inspiration and advice from. At his best, man is the noblest of animals—Separated from law and justice, he is the […]

Aether and Salt Indestructible Scout Sunglasses

These Scout sunglasses are the glorious result of the cooperation between two sexy California brands, Aether and Salt. They are molded out of lightweight, beta-titanium frames, which makes them practically indestructible. Even the nose pads are molded out of titanium for increased durability and comfort. The lenses are both polarized and photochromic to ensure superior […]

Audemars Piguet X Michael Schumacher Royal Oak Laptimer

Art and functionality find a new way to express themselves in this Audemars Piguet X Michael Schumacher chronograph watch. This one is particularly unique, harnessing the mechanical power to view two consecutive lap times at once. And it does this down to the detail of an eighth of a second. The Royal Oak Laptimer comes […]

Introducing the Hot Tub Hydro Hammock

We thought we were in heaven when we were introduced to the HotTug Jacuzzi Boat. But as much as we loved it, not all of us live close enough to a large water source to make use of something like that on a regular basis. So we began to wonder… what is something a little […]

6 Ways to Create An Environmentally Friendly Man Cave

Your man cave is where you go to cheer on your favorite team, enjoy a relaxing beer in the evening, and watch awesome action flicks with your buddies. It’s your refuge. Design it so it has as little impact on the environment as possible, and you’ll be able to enjoy your video games and sports […]

10 Things a Man Should Say on a First Date

A first date doesn’t have to be so difficult. In fact, if you follow a few verbal guidelines, you can have a pretty good shot at impressing just about any woman. 1. “I’ll pick you up at (fill in the time here)” – Women are getting tired of the hookup. They want to be treated […]

Doppler Labs Bionic Earbuds – Tune the World Around You

The phrase, Wearable Tech, is thrown around a lot these days – but Doppler Labs is hard at work developing a new catch phrase, “Hearable Tech”. Imagine a set of earbuds and an app designed to tune the world around you exactly how you like. You could adjust the sound at a rock concert using […]

A Stronger Take on Color from Moranic Pants

Let’s start with the basics – these are not pajama pants. No. Moranic Pants are based out of Kenya and were relevant long before Calvin Klein partnered with wholesale stores to sell long johns. Entrepreneur Irfan Dean has worked with his team of local artisans in Kenya to help produce the pants and open them […]