10 Things a Man Should Say on a First Date

First Date

A first date doesn’t have to be so difficult. In fact, if you follow a few verbal guidelines, you can have a pretty good shot at impressing just about any woman.

1. “I’ll pick you up at (fill in the time here)” – Women are getting tired of the hookup. They want to be treated special, which includes asking them on a date, picking them up and walking them back to their front door. Chivalry is not what it used to be; which is actually a good thing since it just makes it easier for you to stand out from the crowd.

2. “Hi, this is for you” – No, you can’t buy her love, but you can show respect by giving her a token of your appreciation, including a flower, a book or a sample of your gourmet cooking. Bonus points will go to those who inquired on her likes before the date, and can get her something you know she’ll like.

3. “That (fill in the blank) looks fantastic on you” – scientists and sociologists have done a lot of research on what makes people like each other, and what they have proven time and again is that we all love a sincere compliment. She has likely put a lot of time into the preparation of this first date (up to 3 hours, according to surveys), and she will appreciate the fact that you notice. The one caveat is that it has to be ‘sincere’, considering that all women have excellent b.s. meters.

4. “You’re amazing” – And don’t just stop at her taste and great genetics. If you notice something special about your dates personality or intellect, don’t be shy—let her know what you think.

5. “Here’s what I was thinking we could do” – Women love a man with a plan; a guy who can take charge and show a lady a good time. However, women also appreciate being given access to the drivers seat, which means that you can make all the plans, let her know, and prepare to make changes if that should become necessary.

6. “Tell me more about you” – A lot of guys approach a first date like a job interview. They want to make sure that they include all the important points of why their date should be with them. The problem is that approach forgets one very important trait that most women look for in a man—the trait that suggests that he can be interested in more than just himself.

7. “What is the story behind (fill in the blank)?” – Curiosity is one of the driving forces behind every great relationship. It not only makes a person more interesting to you, but it is also a compliment to her… to be found interesting. So whenever a conversation finds itself at a lull, bring curiosity to the rescue.

8. “I’m going to be honest” – Women are always looking for clues to the real you, and according to surveys, some women appreciate it when a man comes right out and announces that he is letting his guard down. It makes a woman feel good to know that you feel comfortable being yourself. However, just be careful with how honest you are, as certain confessions, like sexual fetishes, are better left for the third or fourth date.

9. “This is on me” – I have read countless surveys, and while there are always a few black sheep in the mix, women generally prefer a man to treat her to a first date. This is especially true if you were the one to ask her out.

10. “Thank you” – And I’m not just talking about saying this to your date. Say it to your waiter or waitress, the guy holding the door open for you—because women pay a lot of attention to how a man treats those around him on a first date. And for good reason, because quite often this can be a big clue as to the real you.


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Lover, fighter, and bona fide sex expert.

About Doc Hollandaise

Lover, fighter, and bona fide sex expert.