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Stephanie Adams Bares All on Sex, Love and Success

This Thanksgiving we are thankful for the sun, stars, oceans, and the inspiration of Stephanie Adams. You may know her as Playboy’s Miss November, and she was also named “Best NYC Lesbian Sex Symbol” by the Village Voice. But she is also a mother, wife, successful business woman, and a wicked sharp shooter who has trained […]

Holiday Gift Guide – What Your Tech Gifts Say About You

It is the holiday season, and your gift says more about you than you realize. Is your style of gift giving like a hipster, techy, wanna-be, used-to-be, or just really don’t ‘care to be’? Let’s find out:   Apple iPhone 6 Plus – “I may (or may not) be hip, flirty, and confident… but at […]

East Dane Holiday Gift Guide for Guys – 10 Ways to Dress and Impress

Guys are some of the most simple creatures to buy for. While we may not seem to be, if you listen to what we say throughout the year, you will receive plenty of hints on the types of gadgets and fashion accessories that are on our most wanted list. However, in case you haven’t been […]

Urbasm Gift Guide – What Us Guys Want for the Holidays

This holiday season Urbasm opens its doors to our women friends, inviting you to take advantage of the five tips of what us guys really want for the holidays   Tip 1: Surprise! Most Guys Don’t Exactly Appreciate a Surprise. According to research at Stanford, the scientists have discovered what most practical guys have known […]

Revved Up for LA Auto Show

Every year the LA Auto Show dishes out some of their most impressive offerings for the future of transportation. This year we were impressed by the Saleen FourSixteen, which is Saleen’s take on a hotrod Tesla Model S. The Maybach 57 and 62 were gorgeous, the Jaguar F-Type is always a pleasant sight (and now […]

Women We Love – Nicole Meyer

  Beautiful women don’t exactly grow on trees. But if they did, I suspect Nicole Myer would be responsible for an incredible overpopulation in lumberjacks. And here’s my proof:

Real Men Wear Scarves

Especially When it’s Cold Outside- The neck is a very vulnerable part of a man’s body. Protecting it from either the sun or the cold is a classy and smart things to do. However, you shouldn’t just throw any old piece of cloth around your neck without first consulting your man manual. You know, that […]

The Roundup – Sex, Tech and Moustaches

  If the radiance of a thousand suns were to burst at once into the sky, that would be like the splendor of the mighty one” (Oppenheimer). If only one sun burst, that would become the splendor of good sex and a cold beer (unknown).

Fitness Trainer Michael Giovanni Rivera on Bulking Up, Peaking and Skipping Leg Day

In the world of athlete trainers, Michael Giovanni Rivera is the juice before the squeeze, and the extra ounce before the effort. He has worked with a variety of clients you’d likely recognize, including Tito Ortiz, Kenda Perez, Fabricio Werdum, The Game, and Ochocinco. He has been training celebrities and athletes in the peak of […]

The Royal Dutch Airlines Luxury KLM Bachelor Pad

Joining the mile high club has never been easier, as KLM Royal Dutch Airlines converts one of their retired MD-11 airplanes into a luxury 4,000 square foot, 2-bedroom/3 bed bachelor condo/pad. From November 28-30, 2014 you will have the chance to stay on this lavish airplane, complete with a welcome mat, shrubs, gnome, apt/condo number, […]