Stephanie Adams Bares All on Sex, Love and Success

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This Thanksgiving we are thankful for the sun, stars, oceans, and the inspiration of Stephanie Adams. You may know her as Playboy’s Miss November, and she was also named “Best NYC Lesbian Sex Symbol” by the Village Voice.

But she is also a mother, wife, successful business woman, and a wicked sharp shooter who has trained with the Special Forces, Secret Service and Navy Seals. There is certainly a lot of mystery that surrounds Miss Adams, but we’ve managed to uncover just enough to love her all the more.

Urbasm: What have you been up to Stephanie?

Stephanie Adams: Oh, not much. I am expanding a busy medical practice, launching a skincare company, maintaining a well-established metaphysical publishing company, and getting ready to promote my newly formed 501(c)(3) global non-profit organization, all the while financially investing on a regular basis, as well as having tackled the real challenge of potty training my “boss”.

Urbasm: Not much at all (laughs). So what do you think has been the driving force behind your continued success?

SA: I believe the driving force behind any success I have, is the same force that inspires me to keep growing spiritually. Everything I put my heart into professionally is something I feel passionately about. Because I believe in nurturing one’s mind, body, and spirit, I now honor that holy trinity via Goddessy (mind), Wall Street Chiropractic (body), and Goddessy Organics (spirit), as every business I own is about helping others more than anything. Do what you love and the money will follow.

Urbasm: What have you learned about relationships while being involved in business with your husband? How have you made that work?

SA: We are so busy, between running our businesses and tending to our little one, who always comes first. Honestly, our schedules seem so hectic, we tend to catch up with each other more when we are at home or on vacation. Whenever possible, we also set up lunch dates and always make time for connecting with each other and our family. To us, there’s no point in working so hard if you do not spend enough time with those you work so hard for.

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Urbasm: We’ve interviewed Carol Roth before, and noticed you were part of her most influential people in business, stating that “love was your inspiration to success.” How do you think a single bachelor can find his inspiration through love?

SA: When married, love for one’s family is often the biggest inspiration for succeeding. As to those that are single, and those who have more than one inspiration; love can take on many other forms, however abstract their definition of love might be. For example, one can have a great love for helping children, or have loved how a family member medically helped children, so they become a pediatrician. It is their deepest inner love for what they do that makes them one step ahead of other talented professionals in their field. As a mother, I am inspired by the love of my family. As an individual, I am inspired by my profound love for helping others to nurture their mind, body, and spirit, so that is also why I do what I do.

Urbasm: What advice would you give other entrepreneurs looking to succeed in their chosen business?

SA: Don’t just start a business with the sole intention of profit. Of course, every business should have a goal of profit. But you must love wholeheartedly what you create and deeply believe in what you’ve founded in order to really succeed, stand out, rise above, and make a difference.

Urbasm: We’ve been told that men need guidance from women to become more balanced in their lives. What do you think a man can learn from women when it comes to love and life?

SA: Whether it is romantic or platonic, men and women both need each other to be balanced in their lives. If we weren’t meant to learn equally from each other, we wouldn’t have been created equally and exist equally together in this world. As to what a man can learn from women when it comes to love; well, express how you feel emotionally and know that strength comes in showing vulnerability. In regards to life, live life today like there’s no tomorrow and live life tomorrow without any regrets for yesterday. In truth, women need to learn that too. I’ve been told that I think more like a guy than a female, so perhaps my advice is from general wisdom.

Urbasm: What is something about you that most people might not know?

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SA: I’m a wickedly accurate sharp shooter. I’ve trained with Special Forces, Secret Service, and Navy Seals. I prefer shooting to shopping and–although I might look girly, I am far from it.

As far as anything else; well, as much as there is written about me, there is so much more to me. No one truly knows me but my family and I often surprise them once in a while. Mystery and controversy have always stood guard beside me, seldom allowing folks to get close enough to know more about me and I kind of like that, so let’s stop there…

Urbasm: We like a little bit of mystery. What is your favorite story to tell at a party?

SA: The same story my mother once told a rather large group of people at one of her infamous Samhain parties. She conceived me on Halloween, and sure enough, I was born nearly nine months later; just one week early. I wasn’t too amused by most of the details she decided to disclose to her guests over a few glasses of champagne, even joking about how; judging from my good girl/bad girl behavior growing up, she wasn’t sure whether I was a trick or a treat. But coming from generational psychics and ancestors of the craft, it would not surprise me if she planned it that way.

Urbasm: You once classified yourself as lesbian, and now you are happily married. We know many guys who would love to know the secret to capturing the attention of a woman who is on the fence. What advice would you give them?



SA: Love has no color, sex, or reason. It’s just love. If you really love someone, be faithful and hope your significant other is faithful too. An ego that might get inflated over the idea of your woman being with another woman temporarily will soon get popped when she leaves you for that other woman permanently. So snap out of it and look for the happily ever after.

Urbasm: Good advice, and what are the three things that every guy should know, according to Stephanie Adams?

SA: Oh my, for those that have read this far, I’m sure you can note at least three strong opinions of mine. Good or bad, I’m certainly true to my sign (Leo). How about I close with three of my favorite quotes:

If you focus too much on the fools, you will eventually become one.”

I’ve never really cared about how others see me as much as I care about how I see myself when I look in the mirror.”

Natural beauty is a gift, but intelligence is true power. God gave us both and we should be confident enough to recognize them.”

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Stephanie Adams was a professional model for over 25 years with companies such as Elite and Wilhelmina, in addition to being a centerfold and spokesmodel for Playboy. Adams is an author of over two dozen metaphysical books, later becoming the Founder & CEO of the GODDESSY Publishing Company. Now Adams is also the Founder & CEO of GODDESSY Organics as well as a Partner & CFO of Wall Street Chiropractic and Wellness. Adams has contributed numerous articles for various publications, in addition to being an activist, committee member and speaker for several worthy causes.

Adams has been featured in and on numerous magazine covers and other media such as The New York Times, Entertainment Tonight, The Late Show With David Letterman and more. Aside from her active modeling and writing career, Adams dedicates most of her time investing in Fortune 500 companies, which enabled her to become a self-made millionaire before the age of 30. Now Adams also dedicates most of her time towards philanthropy, and continuing to enjoy as much of a private life as she can possibly have with her husband and son.

Connect with Stephanie at and on her Twitter: @StephanieAdams

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About Dr. Eric J. Leech

Eric has written for over a decade. Then one day he created, a site for every guy.

About Dr. Eric J. Leech

Eric has written for over a decade. Then one day he created, a site for every guy.